Wendy’s: Of Barbecue And Generosity

Just recently, Wendy’s (WEN) has launched a petition to the Obama administration in an effort to recognize BBQ as the U.S.A.’s national dish. This petition, which was started on September 19, needs a total of 99,635 signatures and is due in the next few days, if they want to get a response.


BBQ Pulled Pork Items

Wendy’s is trying to match the undisputed success of last year’s Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger, which was launched by Boyz II Men and Nick Lachey. The Pretzel Burger helped increase Wendy’s sales by 1.9%. The new products they have showcase pulled pork to help support their cause.

WendysBBQPulledPorkOne of the sandwiches featured has pulled pork with coleslaw and a scrumptious brioche bun. The other one is a cheeseburger topped with pulled pork. Lastly, they have French fries smothered with cheddar cheese sauce with pulled pork. These dishes are available for a limited time only and are reasonably priced, ranging from $2.99 to $4.99, making either of the three items perfect for people from all income brackets who want a daily dose of filling barbecue goodness.

If you are curious as to what the pulled pork is made from, please note that it is taken from the shoulder area, making it more juicy than other available parts. Wendy’s vice president of culinary development, Lori Estrada says that the pork is smoked for 8 to 12 hours. It is then smothered with their special sauces, making it a tasty treat for the carnivore in you. This new pulled pork menu is available in all their 6,000 locations nationwide.

Marketing At Its Finest

Wendy’s sure knows how to launch their products. This faux cause is an effort to launch their new barbecue pulled-pork items and is listed as a family issue. At present, they have only managed to obtain a small number of signatures, and should have the complete 100,000 by October 19.

At present, they have gotten as much press as they need, seeing as the online views of the videos alone have reached a whopping 7.5 million. So If you believe their cause is sound, you could help them make this go viral. Please note that they have yet to release their quarterly results (due in a few weeks), which is why we cannot tell if the extra press has helped make their products sell out fast.

All-time greats like Ralph Macchio (The Karate Kid), Alfonso, Ribiero (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Steve Austin have gotten on the bandwagon. To get more attention, WEN has launched limited BBQ items, ads for Hispanic TV, national TV and radio ads.

Right now, it is unclear if the campaign will make a difference. While we might not know for sure if ‘Murica will get BBQ listed as a national dish, we can say that perhaps their customers were so absorbed with eating their barbecue that they were unable to find the time to campaign for it.

Wendy’s Good Karma

Good karma may have something to do with the rise in Wendy’s popularity, as someone close to the company has decided to give back to help children, especially those who suffer from cancer. The widow of their founder was featured on the news for her generosity.

Lorraine Thomas, a Fort Lauderdale resident and also the widow of Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas has made the news for donating $1.5 million in an effort to help Broward Health with their expansion plans and to renovate their Chris Evert Children’s Hospital. The lucky organization will get more, as a private family foundation, called The Salah Foundation will match all donations towards this organization. The pledges are currently at $10 million.

Thomas has five children and 17 grandchildren. She says she is giving to help kids. In an interview, she said that they needed to do something with the kid’s unit, as it didn’t look good. She states that kids are scared enough as it is to go to a hospital so they should create a kid-friendly and lively space.

While the have roughly $20 million so far, Broward Health is still a long way from their $52 million goal, which will go towards renovation and expansion of their 125-bed acute care hospital for children. This will include private neonatal and pediatric ICUs along with the rest of the upgrades.

According to the CEO and president of Broward Health Foundation, Dennis Stefanacci, Thomas’ generous donation will go towards the renovation of their pediatric oncology and hematology units. He goes on to state that the pediatric cancer floor will be named in her honor.

Please note that Thomas has already given nearly $2 million to Broward Health, which include gifts to the Heart Center of Excellence. Her late husband Dave and herself have received care at this hospital, which is why this facility has a special place in her heart.

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  1. Wendy’s needs to work on putting more BBQ on their new sandwich. I had them leave the slaw off last week, and got home, and there was barely even half of the amount of meat shown in their pictures on TV and in the restaurant. Stuff like that PO’s me greatly ! I won’t go back to get another one either!

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