Moe’s Southwest Grill: Big and Still Growing

Moe’s Southwest Grill has shown considerable growth in the past year, and has entered the New Year with an even greater promise for expansion and further growth. With locations opening up in different parts of the country and the world, the name is getting more and more recognized as one of the best fast food restaurants that would easily satisfy your craving for some distinctly tasty southwest cuisine that can be customizable according to your preference in taste.

New Location in Jamaica

Moe’s Southwest Grill The first Moe’s Southwest Grill opened in Montego Bay in Jamaica, right inside the Sangster International Airport in December 21, 2013. Owned by Margaritaville Carribean, Ltd., the new location shows great promise as the organization also happens to be the biggest food and beverage company in Sangster. Partnering with the group that handles international expansion for Moe’s Southwest Grill, FOCUS Brands International, the two organizations remain confident in growing the brand’s presence in Jamaica and hope to bring the brand to other locations in the region in the near future.

New Location in Port Charlotte

Moe’s Southwest Grill Though not entirely new, franchisee Mike Silverman has promised the birth of a new and improved Moe’s Southwest Grill in Port Charlotte as he purchased the location from its previous owner. This location was closed for six months, with Silverman being the third owner. Remaining true to his belief that every location deserves to have a Moe’s to run to when hunger pangs strike, he reopened the restaurant on Tamiami Trail in January 16, 2014.

Silverman handles seven other Moe’s restaurants across Florida, and believes that providing the people of Port Charlotte the quality of food and service that should come with the brand will make the reopening a big success.

New Locations Around Sacramento and Santa Cruz

More stores are also expected to open in California as Moe’s Southwest Grill signs a deal for 18 stores to be opened around the Sacramento and Santa Cruz areas in the next seven years or so. As part of the restaurant’s goal of expanding towards the western parts of the country, this is the first time that Moe’s has ventured into California. This expansion deal was closed with HKM II, LLC, a successful franchise group based in Roseville, California. Headed by Matt Karadanis, David Mitchell and Rob Whittey, they own 42 other restaurants all over Arizona, Southern Nevada and Northern California.

The first location is targeted to open by the spring of 2014 within the Sacramento area. Negotiations for the next sites are underway. Of the 18 stores included in the deal, 14 will be scattered across the entire Sacramento region, while the remaining four will be opened in Santa Cruz and the neighboring areas around the Central Coast. All these stores are bringing an average of 25 new jobs for each location opened, totaling to around 450 jobs all in all once the plans are all laid out. These figures prove to a big boost to the economy of the local communities covered by the expansion.

With HKM II handling mostly burger franchises, this new addition to their portfolio proves to be just the right thing to make the variety truly interesting. Aside from being in the food industry, the group’s portfolio also includes storage facilities, shopping centers and apartment buildings.

New Location in Frederick

Another new location is added to the growing Moe’s Southwest Grill network as the branch at the Market Square on Shorebird Street in Frederick, Maryland opened on January 22, 2014. To invite more people in, the location celebrates “Pay What You Want Day” on January 29, 2014 from 5 to 9 PM. All participating customers are given the chance to enjoy a free meal and are encouraged to use their money to make a donation towards the benefit of Frederick High School instead of paying for their meal. This event will also serve as the grand opening celebration, with the ribbon cutting to be facilitated by Mayor McClement before the festivities begin.

This location is the seventh Moe’s to open in the State of Maryland. This is the second one handled by Guac & Roll, LLC, a franchising group handled by its partners Frank Maresca, Brad Chasteen, and Steve Taylor. The same group also closed a new deal recently, promising to open up 25 more Moe’s around the DC area. According to Guac & Roll partner Frank Maresca, the opening promo does not only encourage people to try the fresh taste that Moe’s Southwest is adding to the local food choices, but also asks them to give something back to the community. This shows that Moe’s is not just about the business, but is also eager to create a connection with the community that it belongs to.

About Moe’s

Moe’s Southwest GrillMoe’s Southwest Grill was founded in Atlanta, Georgia, in December 2000. With a cheerful “Welcome to Moe’s!” greeting you the moment you step through the door, the restaurant believes that the line is so much more than a greeting, but is more of a way of life for the team members who work hard at customizing each meal to suit each unique customer’s preferences.

Moe’s became famous for its powerful burritos, with such a wide variety offered that it’s impossible for anyone not to find anything that fit their taste. With over 20 fresh ingredients to choose from, their burritos are sure to satisfy every type of craving for kids and adults alike. There are also options for vegetarians and those on a low calorie diet, making sure that everyone is satisfied with their meal.

With high quality ingredients used for every single meal at every single location, Moe’s stands by their promise of meeting and exceeding customer expectation. Moe’s also promotes a fun and casual environment perfect for any meal throughout the day. Moe’s currently serves customers with their signature southwest taste at over 500 locations all over the world, a number that continues to grow as more and more people follow the distinct taste that they can only find at Moe’s.

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