McDonald’s New Healthy Menu to Be Rolled Out

A rising number of individuals are now opting to go for a healthier lifestyle. Although fast foods are known to have unhealthy items which are often cooked in vats of oil which cause a lot of people to shake their heads, they still have a certain allure that a lot of consumers cannot seem to resist. Fortunately, fast food chains are now offering a healthy range of goods to satisfy the needs of individuals who are now prioritizing their health. Since giving up fast food items can be hard, fast food chains have taken it upon themselves to come up with a range of healthier fast food options.

McDonald’s New Healthy Menu for Better Fast Food Consumption

One of the fast food chains with a reputation of having crave-worthy but not always very healthy items is McDonald’s. From their desserts, burgers, and breakfast items, there is bound to be at least a favorite treat! However, since more individuals are now mindful of their food intake, there has been a change in the consumption especially when it comes to fast food orders. This is why there is the McDonalds new healthy menu to hopefully be the solution for the healthier dining options that customers now prefer.

The McDonald’s new healthy menu will experience some major overhauls in the food items they offer while still trying to retain the favorite of the consuming masses. This way, those who enjoy the menu items as they have always been will remain as customers while those who have chosen healthier consumption methods can still enjoy fast food offerings.

In September of 2013, McDonalds announced their McDonald’s new healthy menu which is geared towards making the fast food chain a healthier dining option. McDonald’s has chosen to become partners with the Clinton Foundation’s Alliance for a Healthier Generation to come up with significant changes which are meant to cater to the health concerns of today’s society. McDonald’s has made announcements which signified the changes to be made and observed in their menu as well as their advertising. Click here to see their new food items.

How Significant are the Changes in the McDonald’s New Healthy Menu?

McDonald’s new healthy menuUnlike the limited time offer menu items which only last for a few months and where only a single product is added to the menu, the changes which come along with the McDonald’s new healthy menu are major. Think along the lines of having no French fries accompany certain meals but having a fruit or vegetable side instead. This will really bring changes to the dining options that McDonald’s has, and more people will be able to try consuming healthier options since it will come with their meals. Although they can choose to change their orders or make add-ons, concerns relating to expenses will come to play and consumers will have to think twice on how to best handle their finances as well as their health.

McDonald’s will begin to integrate their health-friendly menu items into kiddie meals by offering only milk, water, or fruit juices and no soda for the drink options. Their menu boards will also highlight these healthier drinks to catch the attention of the public. When it comes to advertising, they will make the presence of their healthier menu felt by generating excitement for fruits, low-fat dairy options, and the healthier entrees on their menu to support the goal of more wholesome consumption.

The Target Market of the McDonald’s New Healthy Menu

McDonald’s new healthy menuWhile not everyone will enjoy fruits or vegetables as the sides of the meal they choose to offer, this move will indeed gain positive attention from the growing number of people who are in favor of healthier dining options. The target market of this McDonald’s new healthy menu is actually a group of people who do not frequent their stores. These people are known as the Millennials.

The Millennials are those born from 1980-2000, and this generation has been showing a preference for other fast food options such as Subway or Burger King among others. McDonald’s wants to tap into this generation by making this healthier shift on their menu with the hopes of turning the Millennials into their loyal patrons.

What is the key behind this change, you may ask? The Millennials are known to love fast food. McDonald’s happens to be one of the most famous fast foods. However, the Millennials are not loyal to McDonalds and this is what the new healthier menu desires to change. The Millennials are a group of people who prefer striking all three factors at once when they dine in fast food chain:

  • Great taste
  • Value for their money
  • Offers a fun and authentic feel
  • Healthier dining options

Mostly because of the last factor stated above, the Millennials choose to go for other options such as Chipotle and the ones which they deem healthier because of the wholesome food offerings. One of the downfalls of McDonald’s and the main reason why their plans to become more friendly to the Millennials is the fact that they need not make great changes to the menu, but to the overall experience that they can offer this generation. The challenging progression is still being seen with the advertising schemes and menu changes that McDonald’s is making, but they are yet to achieve the desired success they want from the changes they have made so far.

Pros of the McDonald’s New Healthy Menu

McDonald’s new healthy menuWhether or not McDonald’s succeeds from the changes they are making to their menu, one of the best things that this change offers is the chance to enjoy healthier food items with every meal that people order. Of course, the decision to eat or not to eat the fruits or vegetables in their meal is up to them, but the fact that these items are there would already entice them to open up to new possibilities and try.

This change is great for those who would like to experience a fresh and healthy change to their fast food experience. While McDonald’s is yet to achieve that great success with attracting the Millennials, the healthy changes are surely beneficial to the body of whoever chooses these new options.

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