Krispy Kreme Celebrates Friendsgiving With Doughnut Deal

There are plenty of reasons to be thankful on Thanksgiving. Friendship, family, and of course – doughnuts. To celebrate one of the biggest holidays of the year, Krispy Kreme is introducing its Friendsgiving special for one day out of the year. 

On November 23, 2019, Krispy Kreme will be offering the Friendsgiving Special where customers can purchase two dozen Easy-as-Pie donuts for just $13. Customers who do not want the Easy-as-Pie doughnuts can also have the option of ordering one or two dozen original glazed doughnuts, or one dozen assorted doughnuts. The Thanksgiving-inspired flavors are Dutch Apple Pie, Cherry Pie, and Chocolate Kreme Pie. 

Krispy Kreme is no stranger to offering its customers deals throughout the year. During other seasons, you can find the coffee and doughnut shop offering birthday specials and freebies, as well as participating in the One Million Doughnuts drive.

Customers should also take note that to redeem the Friendsgiving offer, you will need to visit the Krispy Kreme website to use the available barcode. This  Krispy Kreme Friendsgiving special is only valid in certain locations, so be sure to check your local listings. According to the chief marketing officer of Krispy Kreme, “There is nothing easy about making a pie, but doughnutized pies are a different story.”

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