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When thinking of donuts, Krispy Kreme comes to mind. The baked-goods restaurant chain business has been serving freshly baked, warm, glazed donuts to their customers since the 1930s. In order to satisfy individual cravings, Krispy Kreme also diversified their pastry options to include jelly-filled donuts, crullers, cinnamon twists, and eclairs. 

In addition to selling donuts, Krispy Kreme also has hot beverages, cold beverages, iced beverages, soft-serve ice cream, chillers, and a variety of shakes on their donuts and coffee menus. Krispy Kreme prices are set up to encourage customers to buy their donuts by the dozen.

This way, you can be sweet to others by getting a dozen donuts for an office party or surprise your guests with delicious donuts for lunch. You can also use Krispy Kreme donuts when making fun creations like ice cream sundaes, trifles, or strawberry.

Krispy Kreme prices can be expensive if you buy individual donuts, but they’re pretty affordable when purchased by the dozen. In fact, savings are about 35% when comparing prices of a dozen vs. 12 individual donuts. However, you can save much more if you use their coupons and opt for deals and specials.


Popular Krispy Kreme Deals, Coupons, and Specials

  • Free donut and coffee on Mondays
  • Free donut with mobile app download/Krispy Rewards sign up
  • Free shipping for shop orders from $50
  • Free donut with $1 donation
  • 10% seniors’ discount for customers 50 years and more
  • Buy one, get one free on Saturdays

Other Sweet Combo Deals at Krispy Kreme

If you’re craving sweets, here are more deals you can check out. Krispy Kreme has so much more to offer!


$13 Double Dozen Deal

For only $13, you can get a Double Dozen Donuts at Krispy Kreme. You also have the option of mixing 1 Dozen Original Glazed Donuts and 1 Dozen Assorted Donut or getting 2 Original Glazed Dozens. Ideally, buying 2-dozen donuts will cost you $2225, so this offer is a great way to save money. 


Free Donuts For COVID-19 Vaccine Recipients

Once you have got at least the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine, you are eligible for a free donut at Krispy Kreme daily until the end of the year. For you to redeem this offer, you must present your vaccination record card at participating stores.

In view of this, customers that have decided not to get vaccinated are still eligible for a free Original Glazed Donut and Medium Coffee on Mondays from March 29. 


Krispy Kreme Rewards

The ubiquitous rewards for patronizing Krispy Kreme are their Free Donut and More that come with a mobile app download/ Krispy Rewards Sign up. This reward is for customers who have visited the Krispy Kreme website, downloaded the mobile app, and created a Krispy Kreme account. Once an account has been created, order online, and enjoy all of the rewards as they come.


Krispy Kreme Store Near Me

Krispy Kreme is one of the biggest baked goods chains globally, with thousands of branches in different states and cities in the United States. Therefore, to find participating stores to redeem coupons and enjoy promotional deals, you should locate the nearest outlet to you, and place your orders or make inquiries. You can do this on their website or your Android or iOS app.

Also, hours of operation might vary across Krispy Kreme stores. Typically, most outlets are open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day, but in some cases, some stores may be open up until 11 p.m. – especially on weekends. Locating the closest shops to you will help keep you informed about their operating hours, addresses, and other important information.

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