Healthy Fast Foods to Eat

Healthy fast food might seem like something that is non-existent but there are many fast foods you can eat which are healthy. In fact, some of them are very popular. Most people will visit fast food restaurants during their lunch break or on the weekend with the family. Others prefer to stop by a place when they see an advertisement. Most advertisements look delicious and people simply can’t resist.

Remember that all fast food doesn’t have to be unhealthy. There are plenty of fast food places that offer deli sandwiches, savory breads, and healthy salads. You don’t have to eat at a fast food place that will just cause your stomach to hurt later on and give you a bad case of indigestion. Instead, why not go with healthy fast food places that only offer quality ingredients? By doing this, you won’t have to deal with fried foods, foods with too many calories, and so on. Who says tasty has to be unhealthy anyways? Let’s explore some of the top 3 restaurants that offer healthy fast food. We’ll be giving you details on prices for each and what types of food they offer.

Panera Bread

Panera bread prices are extremely affordable for those who want to enjoy a loaf of bread that is tasty and worthwhile. The best part about Panera is that they give you a lot of bread to chew on. All of these breads are baked fresh, straight from the oven! Imagine biting into a soft and warm piece of bread, smelling the aroma of the cooked flour with spices. Their artisan breads include the Three Seed, Ciabatta, Three Cheese, Whole Grain and more. All of these breads cost anywhere from $5 to $10 depending on the size of the loaf and your location. They also have other items on the menu like soups, salads, and sandwiches made from their bread.

The Panera bread menu prices aren’t displayed on their online menu so if you are looking, you have come to the right place. The Panera specialty breads come in different flavors. You will find some bread that is sweet while others have certain vegetables in them. For example, they have the Tomato Basil, Honey Wheat, and the new Cheese Babka with cream cheese. Most of these loafs will cost you around $8 which is very cheap, considering these are freshly made with some of the best ingredients.


Subway prices can be different at times because if you add something in your sandwich, it could cost more. For example, let’s say you want to add guacamole or something extra in the sandwich. This will cost you $1 extra. Subway not only has sandwiches but they also offer two of their signature soups, which is the Broccoli/cheese and the Chicken Noodle. A recent item added to the menu is their pizza too. If you want to eat healthy though – we suggest you get the salad. They serve a huge salad that is only $5 and you can have it chopped or regular with larger pieces of lettuce, tomato, etc.

Subway menu prices are mostly known for their delicious sandwiches they offer. Each sandwich can be purchased for only $5. They also have specials for sandwiches during the holiday. These usually cost $3. You can chose from a six-inch or a foot long sandwich, depending on how much you plan on eating. If you are super-hungry, then get the foot long! Each sandwich can be customized any way you like by adding ingredients like turkey, meatballs, tomato, lettuce, and banana peppers. You can make literally hundreds of combinations because Subway has a large selection.


Quiznos prices are different from Subway. In fact, even their sandwiches are. They will give you more for a higher price. You might pay $10 for a foot long sandwich while the regular size, which is six inches, will only be $8. With this in mind, if you don’t feel like eating a lot – it’s better to get the six-inch over at Subway. Otherwise, go for their foot long sandwich.

Quiznos menu prices are different for each item. If you plan on getting a classic sandwich, it will cost you anywhere from $4.99 up to $7.79. They have three different prices actually for these but you need to find out what size you want first. These will include the Classic Italian, Classic Club, and Turkey Ranch/Swiss. What about having a steak sandwich that has plenty of protein? For this, the prices would be anything from $5.99 up to $8.99. You can choose a sandwich with beef, prime rib, Black Angus, or triple cheese/beef. If you want a sandwich that will quickly fill your stomach, get one of the meat sandwiches. Even though they cost more, you will feel more satisfied after finishing the meal.


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  1. please let me know the ingredients for the spinach salad…i am discovering a tree nut reaction and i need the ingredients but cannot find it anywhere – it was the best salad i have ever had but unfortunatly for me

    1. Hi Leeann, is that a salad from Panera, Quiznos, or Subway? Also, did you try looking on their websites in the nutrition section?

  2. looking for the carb amount on the quiznos ciabatta bread looking cant find it anywhere

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