Eating in 8 Healthy Fast Food Chains

While there are several bases when it comes to the statement that “fast food chains are not good for the health,” there are still healthy fast food chains that you can go to to satisfy your cravings for a fast food meal. Exercising caution is a must, wherever you eat and although some restaurants and dining establishments may serve healthier dishes than others, it still pays to know about the most convenient places to get a quick lunch or perhaps takeout breakfast or dinner to and from work.

Where to Get Healthy Fast Food Meals

There is a ton of options to choose from, and all of them have their own advantages and disadvantages especially when it comes to price ranges, menu items, and the ease of getting to their store to order from their own counters or if they offer delivery services.

However, when your main concern about ordering from a fast food chain is how healthy your next consumption is going to be, here are 8 great suggestions for healthy fast food places and which meals to order from them:

  • McDonald’s – Compared to French fries from any other fast food chain, the regular pack of fries from McDonald’s Eating-Healthy-in-8-Fast-Food-Chains-1has the least calories—less than 300 all in all! For a healthier fast food breakfast option, you can try their Egg White Delight McMuffin which consists of white cheddar, just an egg white, and ham. If you prefer a lighter meal, you can try out their Premium Caesar Salad which has only 90 calories. For a fruity and filling snack, they also offer their very own apple slices.
  • Taco Bell – If you are concerned about the total number of calories you consume from your fast food meals, you ought to try out the Fresco Menu from Taco Bell. All seven items in this special menu have around 350 calories or even less. When you can make your choice, go for their fat-free Pico de Gallo. Compared to other toppings, this is the much healthier option. Fat from all seven menu items on the Fresco menu have about only 3.5 grams of fat each!
  • Eating-Healthy-in-8-Fast-Food-Chains-2Subway – A fan of those tasty subs? You’re in luck since Subway which was also founded by the same man who founded McDonald’s offers an indeed filling snack which can be a lunch meal in itself! Their 6-inch offer called the Veggie Delite has a low sodium content which you can choose to have loaded with green peppers, tomatoes, vegetables, and just about any other vegetable that you so please to have. The total fat content would be no more than 2.5 grams and an overall calorie count of just 230! To make the deal even better, you can of course choose the dressing you prefer.
  • Eating-Healthy-in-8-Fast-Food-Chains-3Wendy’s – Another name notorious for sumptuous burger meals, you also have healthier fast food options when you choose to grab a bite from Wendy’s. Wendy’s makes it to this list of healthy fast food chains because of their Garden Sensations Salads which you can choose to have in either full or the half portions. They also offer their Apple Pecan salad which has only 340 calories!
  • Burger King – Another name which might scare you off when trying to eat healthy, Burger King has risen to the challenge of the health-conscious crowd by offering the Veggie Burger. Overall, this burger has less fats and calories compared to all their other burgers. Another option when you would like to have a low-fat and low calorie order from Burger King is their Ranch Grilled Chicken Wrap with only 18 grams of total fat content and 350 calories. A great choice for staying under the 400-calorie mark.
  • Eating-Healthy-in-8-Fast-Food-Chains-4Panera Bread – Panera Bread offers delicious but nutrient-packed meal combos which are enjoyable even for the kids! They have their half-turkey artichokes on focaccia bread paired with garden vegetable soup or perhaps black bean soup. If you’re a fan of peanut butter and jelly, their au natural peanut butter is sure to be something that would please you. Not to mention their available organic yogurt!
  • Taco Del Mar – The Baja-style Mexican cuisine offered by Taco Del Mar can give you a fresh experience when it comes to flavor. They offer whole-wheat and obviously healthier tortillas as the alternative for burritos. They also don’t use lard for their beans! Try out their Mondito burrito which can give a filling meal without having a high dose of either sodium or fat.
  • Eating-Healthy-in-8-Fast-Food-Chains-5Chipotle – When Chipotle is one of your bets for healthy fast food chains, your best options would be salads and burrito bowls. You can have their satisfying steak burrito bowl which has brown rice, salsa, beans, guacamole, sour cream, and cheese for only 495 calories. Have an even lower calorie count with their fresh tomato salsa!

With these options for healthy fast food chains, you no longer have to feel guilty every time you have taken out lunch or dinner or grab a fast solution for on the go breakfast when you’re in such a rush to leave home for work! Remember these options and enjoy healthier meals from these favorite fast food places.

Other Tips for Healthy Fast Food Dining

  • Avoid supersized servings since these would automatically mean a few more hundreds of additional calories!
  • If you can request for it, lessen the total amount of bacon to reduce the fat content of your order. Bacon is flavorful enough even if you get just a few of it when combined with the rest of the ingredients.
  • Instead of drinking shakes and sodas, why not try drinking water or fruit juices instead?
  • Read the preparation information. Choose those with lean meat, more vegetables, and if possible, not the deep-fried options to have a healthier fast food order.
  • Try out vegan items. These food items are especially prepared for those who have chosen the vegan diet, and you may even find a new greener favorite!

Try out these fast food options and be mindful of what you eat next time you go out to these healthy fast food chains!

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