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You’ve ordered your favorite pizza from Domino’s more times than you can count, but have you ever wondered how it would feel to be behind the scenes where all the magic happens? Domino’s careers range from part-time entry-level jobs to corporate positions for highly trained and experienced personnel. So, if you’re interested in being employed by the pizza chain, we’ll walk you through how to find a job at Domino’s, as well as how to apply and learn more about the pay and benefits each position offers.

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Regardless of whether you are an experienced delivery driver or a highly-driven pizzaiolo, you can secure a place for yourself at Domino’s. There are different positions available, and each of them has its perks. Keep in mind, the available job opportunities that we will discuss vary by location.

Delivery Driver Jobs

The Delivery driver job is a part-time role. This person is responsible for picking up orders at the restaurant and delivering them to customers. Delivery drivers typically work closely with assistant managers to ensure timely and accurate deliveries are made.

Warehouse Jobs

Domino’s also offers warehouse jobs. The positions that may be offered include production/warehouse team members and warehouse team leaders. Employees at the warehouse are expected to open the stores, load and offload food products, and keep the warehouse clean.

Assistant Manager Jobs

Assistant managers at Domino’s are responsible for store operations. Depending on their scheduled shifts and store size, they manage three to 30 employees. They are supposed to perform all the duties of the delivery drivers and customer services representatives. They should also maintain the tidiness of the stores.

An assistant manager must have a clean driving record, be a great role model, and be at least 18 years old. They ought to have experience as team leaders, as well.

Truck Driver Jobs

Truck driver job opportunities fall under part-time jobs. The job holders enjoy perks like paid sick leaves and food discounts.

Corporate Careers

Domino’s has a lot of jobs in the corporate department that you can apply for if you have the relevant skills. These include positions in finance and accounting, marketing, legal, data, analytics, and communications. Depending on the field that you specialize in, you get to work with talented and like-minded individuals at their World Resource Center (WRC) to support Domino’s outlets and help them grow their brand.

How to Get a Job at Domino’s

There are different resources that you can use to land your dream position at Domino’s regardless of whether you are a starter or an experienced professional climbing the corporate ladder. The procedures may be different depending on the job you plan to apply for.

Domino’s Job Opening

Whenever there is a job opening at Domino’s, it is listed on their website. You may also find it on other sites that include job listings, like Glassdoor and @TheJobNetwork. If there is an opening, you’ll want to make sure that you have the appropriate background to be able to do the job, the right availability, and interest. Take time to go through the given requirements and ensure that you are comfortable with the average pay before you proceed with the application.

Domino’s Jobs near Me

If you are interested in being part of Domino’s workforce, you can also search for the available opportunities in your area. To do this, visit their career page and click on “Start Job Search.” Then, look for a category that fits your skills and background.

The available Domino’s jobs are categorized by in-store, corporate and franchise, supply chain centers, and future leaders. Signing up on their website allows you to join Domino’s Talent Community so that you will be the first to know whenever there is a job opportunity near you.

Domino’s Online Job Application

You can drop your application off at various Domino’s stores across your state. However, most applicants prefer applying for a job opportunity online because it is easier and more convenient. You can do it by visiting their career opportunities page and clicking on a position that interests you below “Current Openings.” This will take you to a page with the particular job’s requirements, demands, skills, and duties.

If you are comfortable with them, click on “Apply for this job.” You cannot do it without signing up. Hence you must create your account first before proceeding with the application process.

Sometimes, the job opportunity you want may not be available online. This doesn’t mean that it is non-existent. To be sure, you can visit the nearest Domino’s store and talk to the manager. Tell them about your interests and why you think you would be the perfect fit for the position. If you create a good impression, and you meet the requirements, you might even get the job without submitting your online application.

Domino’s Job Pay

Domino’s pays its staff on an hourly or yearly basis. The amount that an individual is paid is dependent on the employee’s skills/expertise, the position they were hired for, and the location of the store. The average pay for each Domino’s job is outlined below:

Pizza Cook – $10.34 per hour

Restaurant Staff – $12.52 per hour

General Assistant- $10.70 per hour

Delivery Driver – $14.01 per hour

Truck Driver – $22.27 per hour

General Manager – $12.10 per hour

District Manager – $59,884 per hour

Area Supervisor – $56,553 per hour

Customer Service Representative – $9.68 per hour

Customer Service Manager – $10.58 per hour

Other Benefits

Both part-time and full-time employees at Domino’s enjoy many perks, including:

  • 401(k)
  • PTO, vacations, sick leave
  • Free Drinks/Coke/Juice/Water
  • Tuition assistance
  • Food/Meal Discounts
  • Flex-Time / Flexible Schedule
  • Life Insurance/Disability
  • Defined Contribution Pension Plan

Have you been invited for an interview at Domino’s? According to applicants, they appreciate honesty. During the interview, they will ask several questions depending on the job that you want. The recruitment team always gets back to you after a few days to tell you whether or not you will be hired.

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