Options 1, 2, 3, and More of the Best Fast Foods While On a Diet

What makes fast food really in demand?

It is cost-effective, convenient, satisfying, and tastes so damn good. Unfortunately, consuming just one fast food meal can already pile calories, fat, and sodium in your body just for the whole day or more. Despite this apparent fact, there are still a lot of people who keep eating fast food as one or two of their daily meals. No wonder, the rate of obesity in the United States, known as the fast food capital of the world, is alarmingly high.

Best Fast Foods While On a Diet

“Once on the lips, forever on the hips” is one fitting quote for eating too much fast food. Yes, fast food can sometimes get so irresistible, but when all your clothes resist your body, that’s another story. This is where diet takes a step in.

Are you going to be so depressed to let go of fast foods because of the need to diet? Who said you can’t eat them anymore? All you have to do is find lists of the best fast food while on a diet and apply some helpful tips.

Tips for Making Healthy Food Choices at Fast Food Chains

  • Make a careful selection on the menu. Make sure that you pay close attention to the meal description. Grilled is better than deep fried or creamy is a little heavy and things like that.
  • Swallow water together with your meal. Keep away from soda. Adding lemon to your water would cut cravings of your sweet tooth.
  • Know how to undress your food. Food dressings are commonly the ones containing high caloric content like cheese, mayonnaise, sour creams, and etc. For instance, you can eat a Big Mac and get rid of the mayonnaise. Check here on how nutritionists undress and eat fast foods.
  • Make special orders. You can always demand on how your dish should be prepared.
  • Eat mindfully.  Savor each bite you make. Avoid eating fast.

Some people are so tough on themselves when they undergo diet. It is like they are already depriving themselves from foods that they can actually eat just to shed off those fats. Diet is not about that. It is finding the right balance of calories and nutrients that you consume in every meal.

So when you go to a restaurant and feel badly sad because you cannot eat your favorite fast food meal, let it go because aside from the tips on making healthy food choices, there are fast foods that you still can eat without feeling guilty about it.

List of the Best Fast Foods While on a Diet

Written below are some of the fast food items that you can still order even on a diet from the famous fast food chains around your corner. Don’t worry, they still would taste awesome. Take a closer look on them and maybe you can find the new best fast food while on a diet.


McDonald's Caesar SaladRecognized by many as the king of burger chains, who would ever think that McDonald’s have something to offer their health-conscious customers?

Item #1: Egg White Delight McMuffin with White Cheddar (contains 250 calories and 7g fat)

Item #2: Premium Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken (contains 280 calories and 4g fat)

Item #3: Apple slices (contains 15 calories)

For prices and some other healthy options, visit here.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell BurritoSo you think your best fast food while on a diet is served in Taco Bell? Tacos and burritos are favorite fast foods that a lot of people love to munch. Did you know that Taco Bell made a diet menu and that they have 7 less than 350 calories items on it? Check some of them.

Item #1: Fresco Chicken Soft Taco (contains less than 170 calories and 3.5g fat)

Item #2: Fresco Bean Burrito (contains less than 330 calories and 9g fat)

Check their prices here.


SubwayHurray to the biggest sandwich chain in America and in the world. Though considered the biggest, Subway is not really big when it comes to grease so it is not any wonder that they have various selections for the “healthier” class.

Item #1: 6-inch Veggie Delite Sub (contains 230 calories and 2.5g fat)

Item #2: 6-inch Oven-Roasted Chicken Breast (contains 310 calories and 5g fat)

Most of Subway’s sandwiches can be the source of your best fast food while on a diet depending on the dressing you put into. For other Subway’s healthier items, check here.


ChipotleSalads and burrito bowls are the best healthy must-try foods here. Two good choices are:

Item #1: Chipotle Salad with Barbacoa and Fresh Tomato Salsa (contains 320 calories and 8g fat)

Item #2: Steak Burrito Bowl (contains 485 calories and 11g fat)

(Note: Bowls would contain rice, salsa, banana, guacamole, sour cream, cheese, and other fixins’ without the tortilla.)

Check their menu prices here.


Wendy's Chicken SaladThough Wendy’s is a renowned fast food chain for their mouth watering burgers, this is not the right time to think about them. Since we are looking for the best fast food while on a diet, skip the burgers and tick on their menu their Garden Sensations Salads that you can choose from half or full serving.

Item #1: Apple Pecan Chicken Salad, half serving (contains 340 calories and 18g fat)

Item #2: Small Chili (contains 180 calories and 5g fat)

Item #3: Small Frosty Chocolate (contains 290 calories and 4.5g fat)

Check out the current menu prices of Wendy’s here.


Arby's Chopped Side SaladArby’s is a meat-oriented food chain and famous for its beef and cheddar sandwiches and roast beef. But this food chain can also provide healthy dishes for those on a strict diet.

Item #1: Chopped Side Salad (contains 80 calories and 5g fat)

Item#2: Roast Beef Classic (contains 360 calories and 14g fat)

They also have Market Fresh food items that may sound healthy, but with fat content ranging from 25 to 35 grams, you may be pointing on the wrong dishes on Arby’s menu. For other food items that may help you decide which to order when in Arby’s, visit this link.

So now, who says you cannot consume fast foods while on a diet? With these food items and some helpful tips on healthy food choices, your diet will never be boring at all.

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