Wendy’s $2 Frosty Key Tag Is Back For 2020

Wendy’s just announced that the fast food chain plans to offer the $2 Frosty Key Tag deal in 2020. Back by popular demand, the year-long special allows customers to get a free Jr. Frosty with every purchase for the entire year. Customers can purchase the key tag at Wendy’s locations from now until January 31, 2020. The Frosty Key Tag is also available on Wendy’s website.

Wendy's FrostyAnd while it may seem bizarre that Wendy’s is giving away this freebie for an entire year, the decision was made to better the business and the community. Since customers must order something off the menu in order to redeem their Jr. Frosty, the chance of them selling even more higher-ticket items is quite likely. Plus, the cost for Wendy’s to whip up a Jr. Frosty is a small fraction of what they make selling a burger and fries (the perfect Frosty pairing!).

Arguably the most important part of all is the charitable aspect of the $2 Frosty Key Tag. Once again, Wendy’s has committed to donating 85% of what they make from the key tag deal to an organization close to the company’s heart – the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Dave Thomas’ mission is to “find forever families for children in foster care.” Wendy’s has been partnering with the organization for years, and the $2 Frosty Key Tag special is just one of the ways they give back. Wendy’s helps to finally support the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption year-round through the Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program.


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