McDonald’s Secret Menu Chicken McGriddle

If you lookup “McDonald’s Chicken McGriddle,” a blank photo pops up. (Exhibit A) Why? Well, that’s the restaurant’s way of saying it’s a thing of the past. The Chicken McGriddle used to be on the McDonald’s menu until it was discontinued years ago, but you may recognize it from a more recent advertisement. The McGriddle you may have seen looked an awful lot like the McChicken Biscuit – a chicken patty in between two signature griddle cakes.

Exhibit A

McDonald’s brought back the Chicken McGriddle for a limited time this year, along with the new McChicken Biscuit, to promote the restaurant’s breakfast menu after Wendy’s launched theirs in March. And while participating locations may  still be selling the breakfast sandwich, it’s no longer on the national menu, so it’s safe to assume they pulled it from stores across the country.

However, the recently advertised Chicken McGriddle is not the same sandwich as the Secret Menu Chicken McGriddle. You’ll end up disappointed and probably still hungry if you don’t specify.

How To Order the Secret Menu Chicken McGriddle

Ordering off a restaurant’s secret menu may sound intimidating. You never know if the worker is going to know about the item you’re ordering or if they will be willing to make it for you in the first place. However, when it comes to the Chicken McGriddle, you have to make sure the staff person knows you want the secret menu version, not the plain version that was on the menu earlier this year.

It’s quite simple. The Chicken McGriddle is just a combination of a McGriddle (duh) and a McChicken. Creative right? A McGriddle is a breakfast sandwich with fluffy egg, cheese, and your choice of meat in between two griddle cake buns. And of course, the McChicken is a fried chicken sandwich with mayo and lettuce on a bun. When you combine the two, you get the same folded egg, cheese, choice of meat, and griddle cake buns with a McChicken patty smacked right in the middle of all of it.

Sound appetizing or overwhelming? A bit of both, if you ask us. While this giant breakfast sandwich is currently off-menu at McDonald’s, we’d love to hear about your experience ordering it from the secret menu. Let us know how it goes in the comments below.

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