KFC Kicks Off Christmas Season With The Holiday Bucket And Giveaway

Kentucky Fried Chicken released their Holiday Bucket today, November 25, 2019. The fried chicken bucket commemorates the start of the holiday season, with festive artwork covering the outside. Customers can order the Holiday Bucket with Original Recipe® and Extra Crispy™.

KFC ChristmasThe Holiday Bucket is not new to KFC, but this year, they went the extra mile by adding the unique illustration to the bucket (shout out to Nicholas John Frith, the professional children’s book author and illustrator who designed the bucket’s artwork!). The illustration is painted in red, white, and green, displaying a familar, nostalgic Christmas scene – a family in the middle of decorating their home for the holidays, seemingly listening to Christmas tunes on a record player. The cherry on top? A Colonel Sanders portrait is hanging on the wall in the room.

The heartwarming artwork isn’t even the best part about KFC’s Holiday Bucket. The fried chicken franchise is hosting a contest to go along with the seasonal promotion, where customers can enter to win various KFC merchandise. The kicker? Each prize is an item that is depicted in the artwork on the Holiday Bucket. To enter for a chance to win, post an original photo on Instagram of an item that is displayed on the bucket. Be sure to use the hashtags #SecretSanders and #Entry.

The last day to enter the contest is December 22, and KFC promises to send winners their prizes the very next day. Sounds like a Christmas miracle, if you ask us. The gifts will be shipped by Dec. 23 (will not arrive by Dec. 23).

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