Dirty Chai Latte: Starbucks’ Dirty Little Secret

If you’ve never heard of Starbuck’s dirty chai latte, I’m truly sorry for your taste buds. You might’ve lost some serious time not drinking it, but we’ll fix it.

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What Is The Dirty Chai Latte

Starbucks’ dirty chai was never an official menu item, so you’re forgiven for not knowing about it. It’s their chai latte – which is delish on its own, b-t-dubs – with a shot of espresso. Now, their chai latte actually has some caffeine on its own, but the espresso shot gives you an extra kick.

Personally, I order mine super dirty, which is a quad shot of espresso. But I will warn you that if you’re not used to that much caffeine, it might make you a bit…. squirrely. 

Below is actual footage of me after two of these.

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If you go the super dirty route, I suggest additional pumps of chai to prevent the espresso from taking over. But I’ll leave it up to dealer’s choice. 


How To Order A Dirty Chai At Starbucks

They usually know what you want if you ask for a dirty chai. You can get it in any size, hot or iced. A double dirty chai is with two shots of espresso.

If you happen to get a barista who doesn’t know what you want, let me save you the drive-through anxiety of not knowing how to order it: a chai with a shot of espresso. Seriously, it’s that easy. A double dirty is equally easy: a chai with two shots of espresso.

And, again, I like mine “super dirty.”

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But, unless you’re a regular who orders these daily, you’re not going to get away with saying that. You’re going to have to say something like “an [insert size/hot or iced] chai latte with [insert number of espresso shots here.]” I mean, less the brackets, obviously.

And, as a bonus: they sell their chai mix in most stores, so if you want to make it at home with your own espresso, you totally can!


Starbucks Vegan Dirty Chai Tea Hack

Unfortunately, their chai premix isn’t vegan because it’s sweetened with honey. But, their Teavana brewed chai tea is vegan. 

So you can ask for a chai tea – not a chai latte – with a shot of espresso and a scoop of vanilla powder. And, of course, your choice of non-dairy milk, though oat is the best (IMHO) if your store has it. 

Now, it’s not exact, but it’s fairly close for our vegan friends out there! 

So get out there and thank your tastebuds with the easiest Starbucks secret menu item possibly ever. 

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