IHOP Announces New Restaurant Chain, Flip’d

IHOP will be flipping a lot more than pancakes come spring of 2020. IHOP has announced that they will be opening a new restaurant chain called “Flip’d by IHOP.” The new Flip’d by IHOP restaurants will be based on a new fast-casual concept, which will be focused on quality ingredients, speed, and convenience. While the new Flip’d by IHOP restaurants will carry over some traits from its parent chain, like its IHOP- inspired menu items such as breakfast burritos, pancake bowls, to-go salads, egg sandwiches, and more, there will be some notable differences. The new Flip’d by IHOP menu items can be eaten on the go. The new chain, designed to be “pick up and go” restaurants, will have limited seating, unlike its parent chain.

IHOP’s president Jay Johns stated in a press release, “In looking at what exists today in terms of fresh, fast menu options – particularly at breakfast – there’s still tremendous opportunity for growth,” He continued, “After talking extensively with consumers in large cities across the country, we designed Flip’d by IHOP to deliver on what folks told us they want and need from a trusted brand like IHOP in a fast-casual setting, putting an emphasis on quality ingredients, speed, to-go, and delivery.”

Flip’d by IHOP locations will be designed for customers to drop in, pick up their food, and go. Customers will have the option to order from a digital kiosk in the restaurant, or they can order online for pick up. Customers of the new Flip’d by IHOP chain also have the option to have their meals delivered

The first Flip’d by IHOP location is scheduled to be opened in April 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. IHOP also has its sights set on other cities as well, such as New York, Washington, Denver, and San Francisco but there aren’t any set dates for the other locations as yet.

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