Coolest Fast Food Restaurants in the US

If there is one thing Americans love it has to be their fast food and it also happens that fast food is one of the things America is known for. There are hundreds if not thousands of different fast food joints in the US and some of them have been around for years. This very longevity in the fast food industry has made them institutions and generations of people can practically recite their menus from memory. However, being the home of fastfood also means that it also has a collection of some of the coolest and most innovative fastfood in the world. If you like your fast food and you want to try something new, check out these fast food restaurants in the US. They are sure to blow your mind with how cool they are.

BAMN! Automat

fast food restaurants in the USThink about what you do when you go inside your favorite fast food restaurant; you go up to the counter and check out the menu (unless you already know what you want then you proceed to order). The cashier gives your order to the people at the back; you pay, and get your food. This whole process may last you a sum total of 5, maybe 7 minutes, but that all changes with the BAMN! Automat.

What makes this so unique is that it serves you food faster than most fast food restaurants in the US. All you need to do is go up to the machine, put your money in the slot and choose which meal you want so that it slides out and you can enjoy your meal on the go. It’s like a fast food vending machine only better since you get what you in an instant.

You can get anything from mac ‘n cheese, burgers, fries, pasta, sushi etc. and they come to you hot and freshly made. You really can’t help but marvel at the genius behind this and this is why it is one of the coolest fast food restaurants in the US.

Heart Attack Grill

fast food restaurants in the USThis is another one of those fast food restaurants in the US that is fast gaining worldwide recognition. The Heart Attack Grill is located in Nevada and they are serving trouble on their plates. It serves the usual fast food staples such as fries, burgers, and shakes but it is the sheer massive size of their servings and the way they prepare their food that makes it cool and somewhat scary. You see what sets this fast food venue apart from every other fast food restaurant out there is their food is almost guaranteed to clog your arteries and land you in the hospital.

As a matter of fact, the whole place has a hospital theme going on simply because their food is so killer. They have nurses (waitresses) taking prescriptions (orders) from their patients (customers) who are made to wear tags on their wrists which show the food items they order. A “doctor” goes around and examines the patients with a stethoscope.

fast food restaurants in the USIt is not just the hospital theme that makes this restaurant cool but rather their food; patients can order single, double, triple, and quadruple bypass hamburgers with patties that range from 230g to 910grams which total to about 8000 calories. If that doesn’t give you a heart attack then nothing will. They also offer all-you-can-eat flatliner fries that are deep-fried in pure lard. Beer, tequila, and soft drinks like Jolt and Mexican Coca-Cola are also on the menu. If you want to eat at the Heart Attack Grill and you weigh over 160kg then you can eat for free as long as you weigh in under the supervision of a nurse or a doctor.

Cowgirls Espresso Seattle

fast food restaurants in the USNow this type of fastfood isn’t like the others in the sense that their specialty isn’t really burgers, fries or shakes. What they do offer though is some truly yummy Seattle coffee that customers can grab on the go. Not only do they have yummy coffee but they also provide freshly baked pastries and sweet treats that they source from other businesses in the area.

Now if you think this is what makes Cowgirls Espresso Seattle one of the coolest restaurants in the US that is where you are wrong. Because at Cowgirls Espresso Seattle the Coffee is hot, the pastries are sweet and yet the girls behind the counter put them both to shame. That is right, when you drive by this restaurant to order your coffee and pastries to go you will be greeted by some of the hottest and sexiest women in Seattle and they will be wearing bikinis!

It is not all bikinis all the time though because these girls do follow a certain theme and if you want to see them all, you just have to drive by every day, right? Now you might think serving hot drinks in a bikini in Seattle is a bad idea but one look at these girls and one sip of their coffee and you will surely change your mind.

Voodoo Donuts

fast food restaurants in the USAt first glance this donut shop in Portland, Oregon looks like any old donut shop but take a step inside and you will see that it is anything but. This is one donut shop where pastries take a turn for the morbid and the décor goes along for a ride. The walls are pink and full of pun-filled sayings of someone who is into voodoo stuff and the best part is you can grab a donut and get married at the same time. You read that right; this donut shop also doubles as a wedding chapel and if that isn’t cool then you really should just stay home.

Take a Trip on the Wild Side

These fast food restaurants truly are unique and they are worth a visit at least once so you can truly appreciate what they have to offer. Next time you are in Seattle, in Nevada, Portland or in New York make sure you hit up these fast food joints. Not only will you enjoy their amazing food but you will enjoy the experience for sure.

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