Dickey’s Barbecue Menu Prices

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Barbecue Sandwiches

The Lil Hoagie Sandwich$4.00
The Westerner Sandwich$7.50
The Big Barbecue Sandwich Plate$8.50
The Big Barbecue Sandwich$5.50
The Lil Hoagie Plate$7.00
The Westerner Sandwich Plate$10.50

Barbecue Meat Plates

The Quarter Plate$7.50
The 2 Meat Plate$10.50
The 1 Meat Plate$9.50
The Rib Plate$12.00

Big Barbecue

Picnic Pack$24.95
Extra Large Family Pack$47.95
Family Pack$36.95
Meat1 lb.$12.00


Giant Stuffed Baker$6.00
Beef and Cheese Baker$7.75
Giant Stuffed Baker with Meat$7.75
Pork and Tangler Tater$7.75

Sides and Stuff

Barbecue Beans$2.00 - $32.00
Jalapeno Beans$2.00 - $32.00
Baked Potato Casserole$2.00 - $32.00
Fried Onion Tanglers$2.00 - $32.00
Side Caesar Salad$2.00 - $32.00
Waffle Iron Fries$2.00 - $32.00
Creamy Coleslaw$2.00 - $32.00
Potato Salad$2.00 - $32.00
Fried Okra$2.00 - $32.00
Green Beans$2.00 - $32.00
Mac And Cheese$2.00 - $32.00

Kid's Meals

Kid's Chicken Nuggets$4.75
Kid's Plate$4.75
Kid's Sandwich$4.75


Garden Salad$6.25
Smokehouse Salad$7.50
Chicken Caesar Salad$7.50


Pecan Pie$2.95
Whole Pecan Pie$18.00


Big Yellow Cup32 oz.$2.25
Gallon of Tea$7.50