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Ruby Tuesday
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Ruby Tuesday is a popular American chain restaurant, serving menu items like chicken, steak, seafood, pasta, burgers, and salads. The first Ruby Tuesday location opened in 1972 in Knoxville, Tennessee after a group of college friends decided they wanted to start a restaurant. Since the founding, Ruby Tuesday has expanded to nearly 800 franchise locations around the world. Many of the restaurants are located inside malls.

Ruby Tuesday is also well-known for its free kid’s meals on Tuesdays, as well as its happy hour specials. Customers have the ability to order online and pick up their meals for carry-out, as well as place an order for delivery through Grubhub and Doordash.

Take a look at the latest and most up-to-date Ruby Tuesday menu prices.

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Food Size Price


Bangin’ Shrimp $8.99
Four Way Sampler $12.99
Tater Totchos $7.99
Chicken Quesadilla $8.49
Spinach Artichoke Dip $8.49
Crispy Pickle Fries $6.99
Shrimp Fondue $8.99
Classic Sampler $10.99
Cheddar Cheese Queso & Chips $5.99
House-Baked Soft Pretzels $6.99
Mozzarella Sticks $6.99
Chicken Wings $10.99
Crispy Buttermilk Chicken bites $8.49

Burgers & Sandwiches

Bacon Cheeseburger $9.99
Classic Cheeseburger $9.49
Classic Burger $8.99
Mushroom & Swiss burger $10.49
Smokehouse Burger $10.49
Hickory Bourbon Bacon Burger $10.49
Avocado Grilled Chicken Sandwich $11.99
Cajun Chicken Sandwich $9.99
Roast Beef Dip $10.99
Crispy Chicken & Pimento Sandwich $9.99
Crispy Chicken Sandwich $9.49
Grilled Chicken Sandwich $9.49
Avocado Turkey Burger $10.99


Bella Peppercorn Rib Eye $20.99
Rib Eye $19.99
Cajun Rib Eye $20.49
Asiago Peppercorn Sirloin 6 oz. $13.99
Asiago Peppercorn Sirloin 8 oz. $16.79
Hickory Bourbon Bacon Sirloin 6 oz. $13.99
Hickory Bourbon Bacon Sirloin 8 oz. $16.79
Top Sirloin 6 oz. $12.99
Top Sirloin 8 oz. $15.79


Cajun chicken & shrimp pasta $14.99
Chicken & Broccoli Pasta $14.99
Crispy Chicken Mac ‘n Cheese $14.49
Parmesan Shrimp Pasta $15.29


Chicken Parmesan $16.59
Asiago Bacon Chicken $16.99
Crispy Chicken & Biscuits $13.99
Chicken Fresco $15.99
Smoky Mountain Chicken $16.49
Hickory Bourbon Chicken $15.49
Hand-Breaded Buttermilk Chicken Tenders $10.99

Make It a Combo

Top Sirloin
With Crispy Shrimp $16.99
With Hickory Bourbon Chicken $15.99
With Half-Rack of Ribs $17.99
Asiago Peppercorn Sirloin
With Crispy Shrimp $17.99
With Hickory Bourbon Chicken $16.99
With Half-Rack of Ribs $18.99
Hickory Bourbon Bacon Sirloin
With Crispy Shrimp $17.99
With Hickory Bourbon Chicken $16.99
With Half-Rack of Ribs $18.99

Ribs & Chops

Fall-Off-The-Bone Tender Baby-Back Ribs Half-Rack $14.99
Fall-Off-The-Bone Tender Baby-Back Ribs Full-Rack $19.99
Hickory Bourbon Pork Chop $16.29
Ribs & Hand-Breaded Buttermilk Chicken Tenders $18.59
Ribs & Rrispy Shrimp $19.59
Triple Play $19.99


New Orleans Seafood $16.99
Cajun Grilled Shrimp & Rice $16.79
Blackened Tilapia $13.99
Hickory Bourbon Salmon $17.99
Grilled Salmon $17.99
Crispy shrimp Platter $15.79

Garden Fresh Salads

Grilled chicken Caesar Salad $11.99
Crispy chicken Ranch Salad $11.99
BBQ Chicken Cobb Salad $11.99


Coleslaw $2.89
Steamed Broccoli $2.89
Mashed Potatoes $2.89
Grilled Zucchini $2.89
Green Beans $2.89
Onion Rings $2.89
French Fries $2.89
Tater Tots $2.89
Dirty Rice $2.89
Rice $2.89
Garden Salad $2.89
Caesar Salad $2.89
Sweet Potato $2.89
Hushpuppies $2.89
Baked Potato $2.89
Loaded Baked Potato $1.00 extra

Ruby Tuesday FAQ

Ruby Tuesday FAQ

What time does Ruby Tuesday open?

Ruby Tuesday opens at 11:00 a.m. Monday through Sunday. You can also verify their opening hours by visiting their website.

What time does Ruby Tuesday close?

Ruby Tuesday closes at 11:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, midnight Friday and Saturday, and at 10:00 p.m. on Sunday.

Ruby Tuesday close

How can I make a reservation at Ruby Tuesday?

To make a reservation at Ruby Tuesday, you can call in or create your reservation online.

Does Ruby Tuesday have a kids menu?

Yes, Ruby Tuesday has a kids menu for children ten years and under. Some meals included on the Kids menu are:

  • Cheeseburger sliders
  • Mini corn dogs
  • Cheese pizza
  • Chicken tenders

Ruby Tuesday kids menu

What type of oil does Ruby Tuesday prepare their foods?

Ruby Tuesday prepared their food in trans fat-free soya bean oil. 

Do any of your recipes contain MSG?

Ruby Tuesday does not include MSG in their recipes, but they can’t say if their ingredients used contain MSG.

Does Ruby Tuesday’s menu contain healthy options?

Yes, Ruby Tuesday’s menu contains several healthy options. Some healthy meal options include smart eating choices and fit and trim options.


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  1. Zayyan Walker says:

    I love Ruby Tuesday near me and they happy hour specials got me coming back more an more

  2. Aston Arias says:

    I’m a bit of a picky eater and this is the only place i enjoy eating their garden fresh salads.

  3. Tillie Byrne says:

    Their prices are good but a little to pricy for me but i enjoy their meals everytime i go!

    1. How pricy r their meals

  4. Milla Lord says:

    Their combo deals keep me coming back, like the top sirloin with Hickory bourbon chicken.

  5. Manpreet Conway says:

    Loving the Ruby Tuesday menu, will go place an order right now! getting hungry 😀

  6. Sheldon Rudd says:

    Chicken & Broccoli pasta is my favorite!

  7. Dilan Riggs says:

    Their Asiago chicken is not my favorite but there are other items on the menu which keep me coming back.

  8. Mary Brady says:

    Mushroom &Swiss burger is okay but anyone reading this should give the Avacado turkey a shot!

  9. Mariyah Sparks says:

    Every time we visit my kids enjoy their free kids meals every Tuesday in my area.

  10. Albie Bloggs says:

    Guys try their chicken wings im telling you its great!

  11. Gary king says:

    Went for curb service because of the virus. Ordered a Full rack of ribs and had a coupon for free app. Really disappointed when I opened the to go box to eat. Might say I paid $19.99 for the ribs. There starring back at me were 5 ribs and the app. Was the spinach dip and just barely covered the bottom of the container. So make sure you count your ribs before you leave, which I didn’t do. Won’t return again, really disappointed.

  12. Gary King says:

    Ordered via curb side due to virus. Ordered full rack of ribs at 19.99, with coupon for free app. Which was a artichoke with chips. Didn’t look at order until we arrived home and there were (5) ribs and the dip just barely covered the bottom of the container. First and last time for a visit from us.

  13. Christine Schaen says:

    I love in Delaware and wanted to try the 2 for $22.00 me. What appetizer and meals are you allowed to get for this deal. Love Ruby Tuesday

    1. Thats the special at Applebees

  14. Germaine Gombert says:

    Does Ruby Tuesday offer any dessert choices ?

  15. Chastille says:

    Classic burger is excellent loved the seasoning

  16. Tammy Lackey says:

    I love there Baby Back Ribs they definitely have the best ribs

  17. Jack M. Greenlee says:

    do you serve liver and onions?

  18. Pamela Damon says:

    Does ruby Tuesday have a salad bar? Cost?

  19. Jacksonville, NC and Mayfair Town Center location in Wilmington, NC both closed. Was our favorite restaurant.

  20. Lisa Grooms says:

    Went there for dinner.absolutely the was excellent.cooked just right.the service was welcoming and pleasant.overall the best I had in a long time.thank you Ruby Tuesdays look forward to the next visit.keep up the good customer service work..5 stars.

  21. 1 star
    Keep on working, great job!

  22. T. Sargeant says:

    Ruby Tuesday’s missed the mark today! My wife had the coconut shrimp and a baked potato. I got the ribeye steak and baked potato &the salad bar. Thank goodness for the salad bar. Both of our baked potatoes weren’t even close to being cooked! My steak(ribeye) looked like it was run over by a semi truck! More fat then steak, but it was very good. So that’s why I said thank goodness for the salad bar! Won’t be back there for awhile.👎🏻

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