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Pieology is a fast casual pizza restaurant chain that specializes in stone oven fired artisan-style pizzas. Pieology prices are slightly different than what you’re used to paying at standard pizza restaurants. That’s because their pizzas are only available in one size (11.5 inches).

Pieology is a great deal considering the fact that they allow you to stack as many toppings as you want for the same price. If you did that at a standard pizza restaurant, the price would go up quite fast.

In addition to offering pizzas, Pieology also has salads, strips, and beverages. They are also known for offering gluten-free crust for the pizzas.

Below are the latest Pieology menu prices.

Food Size Price


Your Creation (Any Toppings) $7.65
Easy Cheesy $6.25
Mad to Meat You $7.65
Hickory BBQ Chicken $7.65
Alfredos Alfredo $7.65
Classic Margherita $7.65
Rustic Veggie $7.65
Smokin Buffalo Chicken $7.65


Classic Full $7.65
Classic Half $3.95
Caesar Full $7.65
Caesar Half $3.95

Strips and Sweets

Savory Herb Butter Strips $2.95
Cinnamon Sugar Strips $2.95


Fountain Drink $1.69
Apple Juice $2.10
Chocolate Milk $2.10
Bottled Water $1.69

Pieology was founded in 2011 in Fullerton, California, by Carl Chang. Its mission statement “Making the world a better place one pizza at a time” reflects on the company’s charitable contributions and community events. There are currently over 80 locations with many more planned to open soon.

The restaurant is part of a new movement of fast casual pizza restaurants that specialize in one-price, one-size pizzas that are made quickly in front of the customer. That is part of the reason why Pieology prices can be kept as low as they are.

To learn more about Pieology or to find a location near you, visit their official website.

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  1. Why doesn’t the menu mention the prices? That’s kind of a strange way to get a brand new customer. I definitely wouldn’t pile the kids into the car and drive up to Pieology w/o knowing any price range. Could be Chuck E. Cheese pricing, could be Wolfgang Puck pricing.

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