Where to Get the Best Vegan Fast Food Items

Recently, more people have been making the healthy choice for their diet. Vegetarians or going vegan is a big thing now especially since a lot of health concerns are popping up. With the wholesome goodness of vegan items, people can rest assured that their health is not compromised because of the food they eat. For some people, ordering from fast food places is a part of their daily routine and is the most convenient way to get breakfast, dinner, or lunch on the go.

For individuals who are going vegan though, this is not such an easy feat to triumph over. Not all fast food places can be classified as vegan fast food, and this poses the main challenge for individuals who have already made ordering from fast food places a part of their routine. Individuals cannot always prepare their vegan meals at home especially if they suddenly have to rush to the office or some other place and when this happens, resorting to vegan fast food is one of the choices to make it through the day without getting hungry.

What are the Options for Vegan Items in Fast Food?

Fast food chains are known to serve complete meals with drinks and sides—and more often than not, they are made up of fat-filled or meaty entrees such as burgers and tacos. Although more changes are being made to make these fast food items much healthier compared to how they were before, the mere presence of meat immediately cancels out the possibility of these items to be consumed by vegans.

Vegan fast food items can range from salads, sides, tofu entrees, pastas, and the like. As long as there is no meat, eggs, or dairy in the menu item, it can be classified under the vegan fast food category. For lact-ovo vegetarians though, they can eat menu items with either meat or dairy so they would have more options.

Places that Offer Vegan Fast Food

When you would like to embrace the vegan lifestyle or already making the transition but would still like to enjoy vegan fast food, here are some of the options you have to satisfy your fast food cravings:


vegan fast foodThis Mexican grill offers sumptuous tacos but they also offer vegan-friendly menu items. These include their recently rolled out Sofritas Burritos present in selected areas such as the San Francisco Bay area and Washington, DC. Sofritas Burritos have shredded tofu and additional items such as beans, lettuce, and brown rice. Their veggie fajita burritos has a flavorful combination of grilled onions and peppers and an added plus to this item is that this is more affordable than those with meat!

Click here to see what other food items Chipotle has to offer.

Little Ceasar’s

For vegans who consume dairy products, the cheese pizzas from Little Ceasar’s which are called their Hot-n-Ready pizzas can be enjoyed for only $5. Vegans who do not eat dairy, however, can still enjoy the cheeseless pizzas that Little Ceasar’s offers. The dough used for their pizzas are also vegetarian along with their pizza sauce—something which is seen as uncommon for most pizza places.

Burger King

vegan fast foodYes, even this fast food place offers a healthy Veggie Burger. Kids love it, and adults benefit from it. These are meat-free burgers which can satisfy the burger cravings without sacrificing the flavor. Paired with one of their side salads, this can be a surprisingly healthy vegan meal.

Check out Burger King’s menu here.


vegan fast foodAlthough known for their heavy servings of meat-filled subs, they also have the Veggi Delite which can be paired with their 6 types of bread. You can even experiment with their different sauces or cheeses if you prefer. Subway consumers are actually on the move for them to include the meat substitute called Tofurkey which makes for an interesting addition to the Veggie Delite.

Go to Subway’s menu page to see your options.

Taco Bell

Taco bell has a lot of vegan-friendly menu items which are filled with beans, cheeses, or their nacho meals. You have the freedom to choose beans instead of meat, and anything with a usually meat filling can be replaced with this vegan item!

Click here to see Taco Bell’s menu prices.

Carl’s Jr.

A lot of fast food chains usually fry their French fries, bread sticks, and hash brown in the same oil used for frying meat which is why vegans are more particular bout where to order. Carl’s Jr. has been backed up by PETA as a friendly place to offer these fried items since they do not fry them in the same vat of oil used for meat products.

Dairy Queen

Although the word “dairy” is mostly banned for vegans, Dairy Queen actually has dairy-free slush options that can be enjoyed. In some of their locations, they have the “Star Kiss” vegan ice cream which can be a sweet treat for vegans.

Click on this link to view Dairy Queen’s menu.


vegan fast foodIn the world of fast food, Wendy’s is known for great service, flavor, and some vegan items to choose from. They serve a well-sized baked potato and the Deluxe Garden Salad which can be coupled with the Italian dressing sans the cheese.

You can click on this link to see other food items Wendy’s has to offer.

Tips for Getting Vegan Fast Food Items

Whenever you order from fast food places and you would like vegan items, make sure to specify this to the person you are ordering from. Follow these tips to ensure you have a satisfying vegan meal:

  • Swap for brown rice – Whenever you can, opt for brown rice in your meals instead of the regular white one. Chipotle offers brown rice for their burritos and will match the vegan fillings well.
  • Go cheeseless for pizza – Pizza places can cater to cheeseless requests, and their veggie-topped pizzas can be vegan friendly if you remove the cheese.
  • Choose your salads well – Some fast food places offer salads and these do not have chicken or meat pieces. Consider trying their garden fresh offers next time you would like to have a side for your main dish.

Don’t ban fast foods from your dining options when you go vegan! When you know where to go, you can still enjoy sweet treats and filling meals without having to feel guilty about your consumption of the fast food item you ordered!

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