Fast Food Restaurant Coupons

Free delivery? 2 for 1 chicken wings? $5 specials? It’s time to start saving!

Not all fast food is cheap anymore, which is why we’ve found the best coupons, deals, and discounts from all your favorite chains.

It’s 2019, so nearly every major fast food joint has a website and a mobile app, and lucky for consumers, those websites and apps typically house exclusive deals you can use on your order. To find online coupons, simply visit the restaurant’s website and search for a deals or coupons page in the top menu. Sometimes the site will ask you to input your location in order to give you coupons that are only being offered at your local chain. Along the same lines, there are many apps with mobile ordering features that allow consumers to apply deals and coupons to their order directly from their app.

Another popular way fast food chains are delivering coupons is through email newsletters and text messages. If you go on to the restaurant’s website and navigate to their deals page, you will be able to fill out a form to sign up for their e-blast or loyalty program. That way, every time they have an exclusive deal, special, or coupon, they will send it right to your inbox. The same concept goes for text messages. Places like Subway and McDonald’s (among many others) allow you to sign up to get promotional texts, and sometimes, you will even get offers for free food.

Have you memorized the daily deals that your favorite fast food place offers? Many restaurants do not even require you to have a coupon to get a discount when it comes to daily or weekly deals. For instance, Subway has a different deal every day of the week, giving you the chance to save on different sandwiches Monday through Sunday. This is their way of attracting customers throughout the week, as well as rewarding consumers for being loyal.

Fast casual restaurants like Olive Garden follow the same trend by offering specials. These are typically deals that last at least a month, however – like the Buy One Take One option that allows you to purchase a meal at the restaurant and take one home for just $5. Take out deals are meant to encourage customers to buy food from a restaurant, even if they do not want to enjoy a dine-in experience.

It is not as common anymore for restaurants to pass out printed coupons to consumers, but that does not mean it is impossible to find them! The best place to look is your mailbox. Local fast food restaurants, especially pizza delivery places, like to send out advertisements with printed coupons you can clip.

Check out the coupons below from your favorite fast food restaurants. Also visit the Happy Hour Specials page