Does Crumbl Have Gluten Free Cookies?

With an exciting weekly rotating menu, the gigantic and delicious Crumbl Cookies are a favorite among many. A rotating weekly menu means you have an endless selection of flavors to explore.

Whether a diet choice or an actual gluten allergy, even the “world’s best cookies” require your due diligence and to ensure you know what you are eating. Before you order your next iconic pink box of cookies, ask yourself – “Does Crumbl have gluten free cookies?”

Here’s what you need to know about Crumbl Cookies gluten free options.

Are Crumbl Cookies Gluten Free?

Crumbl Cookies Gluten Free

Crumbl Cookies are not gluten-free. Most of their cookie flavors, including the classic Chocolate Chip and Pink Sugar Cookies, contain gluten. Most of their rotating weekly cookie flavors also contain gluten.

It’s not very often that you will find a gluten free Crumbl Cookie on their weekly rotating menu.

According to the Crumbl brand, there’s a reason for this. As part of their selling point, Crumbl bakes their cookies fresh and from scratch daily.

They want their cookies made fresh daily and not from dough that has been sitting in a freezer for days. You can visit Crumbl stores to watch the cookie making magic live. Crumbl shops feature an open concept where customers can see the kitchen. You can watch how their cookies are made – from mixing to baking, frosting, and decorating.

With this concept comes a limited working space. This, in turn, makes it difficult to control cross-contamination. While the brand can create special diet cookies, it’s impossible to curb cross-contamination entirely. This explains why Crumbl rarely dishes out gluten-free cookies.

Are Gluten Free Crumbl Cookies Completely Gluten Free?

Unfortunately, Crumbl Cookies are not 100% gluten free.

This is because their open kitchen concept allows the possibility of cross-contamination. So, even if Crumbl ever rolls out gluten-free cookies, they will contain gluten traces, if made in the same conditions.

If you don’t have serious gluten sensitivity or celiac disease, consuming cookies with trace amounts of gluten should not do much harm.

Where Can I Find Gluten Free Crumbl Cookies?

Crumbl Cookies Weekly Menu

If you want to try out the rare and elusive gluten free Crumbl Cookies, simply keep out an eye for them on their weekly rotating menu. Crumbl previously announced their plans to incorporate some Crumbl Cookies gluten free flavors. To date, these cookie options have still not made it to their famous rotating flavor menu.

Every cookie flavor added to their rotating menu comes with a full nutritional information sheet. Crumbl Cookies labels all possible allergens, such as wheat, milk, eggs, and soy.

If you don’t see wheat on this list or a wheat icon next to the flavor, it means that the cookie is not formulated using wheat and is likely gluten-free. If you still have doubts, you can always ask the server at your closest Crumbl location.

Are Gluten Free Crumbl Cookies Available for Delivery?

A white counter with a sign that says pick up.

If you see a gluten free Crumbl Cookies on the menu, you can order them for delivery. You can enjoy Crumbl gluten free cookies through the same services offered for regular cookies. Crumbl offers two different methods to enjoy their cookies.

  1. Store Pick up: You can visit their store for pick up, where you also get the chance to witness the cookie-making action from scratch.
  2. Online delivery: You can order delivery through their website or mobile app. The cookie bakery even offers a subscription service where cookies are shipped out to you. Crumbl also offers a shipping and gifting service. The gifting service comes with custom gift cards for corporate and to celebrate special or custom occasions.

Do Crumbl Cookies Use Gluten-Containing Flour?

Most Crumbl Cookies use flour that contains gluten, and they are made from a blend of all-purpose flour. These include bleached wheat flour and malted barley flour. Crumbl Cookies also contain cornstarch and enriched flour with vitamins and other minerals.

While cornstarch is gluten-free, enriched flour is not gluten-free. Bleached wheat flour and malted barley flour aren’t gluten-free too. Some Crumbl Cookie recipes contain additional flour and flour mixes, and those are also often not gluten free.

For example, Double Fudge Brownie cookies contain a brownie mix to create that thick brownie look and flavor. This brownie mix also contains gluten, meaning this flavor contains substantially more gluten.

What Crumbl Cookies Ingredients Contain Gluten?

Additional Crumbl Cookies ingredients containing gluten vary depending on the cookie flavor.

These additional ingredients may also contain gluten, so, not all Crumbl Cookies contain the same amount. Some have higher gluten content than others. For instance, apart from the basic flour mix ingredients, the classic Crumbl Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie doesn’t contain any extra gluten-containing ingredients.

But the Crumbl Cookie Cheesecake flavor contains cheesecake base and filling ingredients that have gluten. The Cake Batter flavor contains cake batter, as part of its ingredients, boosting its overall gluten content.

Do Crumbl Cookies Cater to Any Special Diets?

Crumbl Cookies don’t cater to any special diets. As I mentioned earlier, the brand’s open kitchen concept makes it difficult to curb cross-contamination.

Crumbl Cookies come with a food allergy warning. Most of their cookie flavors contain milk, eggs, wheat, and soy. Sizeable flavors of Crumbl Cookies also contain different types of nuts.

Keep in mind that even if you go for that nut-free cookie flavor, there’s still a high chance that it was stored or made contact with nuts because it was baked in a nut-handling facility. If you have strict dietary needs, Crumbl Cookies might not be a safe option for you.

What to Do If I Have a Gluten Allergy and Want Crumbl Cookies

It’s somewhat unrealistic to expect to find gluten free cookies from Crumbl. Even the rare Crumbl Cookies gluten free options still come with the risk of cross-contamination. But, don’t let this ruin your chances of tasting a good cookie flavor.

You can find a myriad of copycat Crumbl Cookies recipes online with gluten free options. The simplest recipes replace gluten-containing flour with gluten-free flour alternatives. If you don’t mind whipping out the baking equipment and powering up the oven yourself, you are in for a gluten-free Crumbl Cookie treat.

Similarly, if you want to eliminate any allergens in the cookie recipe, simply replace the allergy-causing ingredient, whether milk, eggs, nuts, or soy, with a healthier alternative.

Does Crumbl Cookies Make Any Other Gluten-Free Products?

Crumbl Cookies vanilla bean

In addition to Cookies, Crumbl offers Crumbl Cream, a variety of ice creams. Unlike their cookies, Crumbl does carry a few gluten-free ice cream options.  Not all ice cream flavors contain flour or flour mixes as part of their ingredients, deeming them gluten-free.

For example, the Peanut Butter Brittle Cream and Vanilla Bean Cream flavors contain zero flour mixes and are gluten-free. However, while they aren’t officially made with gluten-containing ingredients, these flavors can potentially contain trace amounts of gluten.

There’s still a chance of cross-contamination as they are crafted in the same area and use the same equipment used for gluten-containing products. Further, Crumbl Cream contains other food allergy-causing ingredients. For example, Peanut Butter Brittle Cream contains milk and peanuts while Vanilla Bean Cream contains milk.

Are There Any Plans to Integrate Gluten Free Crumbl Cookies in Their Menu?

To date, the company has not communicated any intentions to release Crumbl Cookie gluten free flavor options.

In fact, Crumbl has not communicated plans for any special dietary accommodations for their cookies, whether vegan, kosher, or dairy-free cookie options. It seems like the brand’s focus is on the traditional cookie-making process with all the classic ingredients and visual spectacle as part of the experience.

As of today, just think of Crumbl Cookies as of a brand that does not offer gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, kosher, or keto options.

Crumb cookies with a gluten free twist, perfect for those following a raising cane's secret menu.

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