Blue House Korean BBQ Menu & Prices – All The Info You’ll Need

Blue House Korean BBQ Menu

The Korean BBQ trend is on! And you definitely have to hop on now. 

If you’re in California, there’s no better place to grill your own meat in the AYCE (All-You-Can-Eat) session than the Blue House Korean BBQ Restaurant

This joint has become the premier Korean restaurant in Sacramento, where diners can unleash their inner chef in an interactive dining experience.

Add that unique element of sizzle to your evening from a variety of authentic Korean cuisines. For an adventurous dinner, choose a smokeless tabletop grill and opt for the signature marinade that includes perfectly cooked beef short rib, and sliced rib eye.

Or you can enjoy the traditional spicy garlic-simmered block cod.

Whatever your choice, Blue House Korean BBQ is a must-visit spot if you want a true culinary tour of mouth-watering Korean meals with a modern touch!

Whether you’re headed to the Sacramento location or prefer to dine at the Roseville restaurant, here are the menus and prices.

And by the way, keep an eye out for a new spot coming soon at Vacaville!


Food Price
Kimchi Pancake
Savory pan-fried flour batter with vegetables and house-made kimchi
Slices of raw fish or beef with delicious-tasting sauce
Seafood Pancake
Golden pan-fried flour with simple vegetable batter and an assortment of seafood
Stir-fried potato with onion, julienned carrots, mushroom, and beef
New Age Dduk Bokki
Soft bar rice cake, seasoned with spicy red pepper sauce 
Fried Shrimp $11.00
Fried Dumplings  $7.00
Cajun Tuna $15.00

Blue House BBQ (A La Carte)

Food Price
Blue House Galbi 

Marinated prime beef short rib

Kot Sal

Prime beef with high-quality marbling

Spicy Grilled Chicken

Marinated chicken thigh with spicy sauce

Saeng Galbi

Non-marinated prime beef short ribs

Spicy Pork Bulgogi

Thinly sliced marinated spicy pork (a non-spicy option also available)

Beef Bulgogi

Thinly sliced beef marinated in-house

Black Angus Brisket 

Non-marinated thinly sliced beef

Galbi Jumulluk

Prime boneless beef finger short ribs marinated in-house

Soy-Marinated Pork Belly

Pork belly marinated using in-house soy-based sauce

Rib Eye Steak

Prime beef

Special Pork Belly $25.00
Prime Beef Tongue $25.00
Salmon, Lobster Tail, Scallop, Black Tiger Shrimp, and Squid  $40.00

Grilled Fish 

Food Price
Salmon Steak
Tasty Korean char-broiled salmon
Char-Broiled Mackerel $17.00

Soup & Stew

Food Price
Galbi Tang

Traditional slow braised beef short ribs and noodles made in beef broth soup 

Spicy Cod Stew

Specially seasons cod stew with tofu and veggies 

Soft Tofu Stew

Korean silken tofu stew prepared in a hot savory beef broth with vegetables, mushroom, dumplings, and seafood

Sun-Dried Cabbage Galbi Tang

Slow braised beef short ribs with chopped garlic, green onions, and dried cabbage in a beef bone broth soybean soup 

Miso Stew

Tofu and vegetables with soybean paste stew

Kimchi Stew

Traditional Korean kimchi stew with beef, onion, and tofu

Pollock Stew

Pollock with vegetables prepared in a hot stone pot

Soft Tofu Stew and Mackerel $18.00
Stuffed Tofu Soup with Seafood $14.00

Blue House Specials

Food Price
Stone Pot Octopus

Spicy octopus stir-fried with vegetables 

Dongani Jjim

Beef knuckle with red chili dressing and mixed greens

Chilean Sea Bass

Perfectly broiled Chilean sea bass steak and teriyaki sauce 

Braised Cod

A thick slice of Korean radish with well-steamed sea bass prepared in a warm sauce of spicy red pepper 

Braised Short Ribs

Simmered short ribs and veggies in sweet soy

Braised Black Cod

Simmered black cod with veggies in sweet soy sauce

Braised Spicy Monkfish $35.00

Lunch Specials

Food Price

Steaming white rice with sauteed bean sprouts, black mushroom, various vegetables, and traditionally fried egg using red pepper paste 

Stone Pot Bibimbap

Crispy golden-white rice topped with sauteed zucchini, shredded carrots, kale, black mushroom, bean sprouts, and traditionally fried egg using red pepper paste and served in a hot stone pot 

Chicken Bulgogi 

Marinated chicken thigh with salad

Sweet Bulgogi Soup

Marinated tender beef (thinly sliced) with salad

Pollock Stew

Fish roe with slated shrimp, vegetable, and tofu

Ugoji Galbi Tang

Cabbage and prime short rib in soybean soup

Soft Tofu Stew

Korean comfort stew in a hot savory beef broth with vegetables, silken tofu, and choice of dumpling, seafood, or tuna

Soft Tofu Stew Combo

Hot savory stew made with beef broth, silken tofu, and vegetables with a serving of beef short ribs on the side

Shrimp Fried Rice $11.00
Deep Fried Pork Cutlet $12.00
Banto Box $12.00

Rice & Noodle

Food Price
Ojinguh Bokkum

Sauteed squid with spicy chili pepper sauce and garlic 


A bed of julienned carrots, spinach, bean sprout, and mushroom served over white rice and sesame oil topped with traditionally fried egg and choice squid, vegetable, or beef

Bibim – Naengmyun 

Homemade noodle made using starch from sweet potato and served in a traditional sauce of chili pepper paste

Mool – Naengmeyun and La Galbi

Homemade cold noodles with boiled beef, sliced cucumbers pickled radish served in chilled broth topped, and hard-boiled egg on top with choice of marinated beef or beef short ribs or on the side

Bibim – Naengmyun and La Galbi

Marinated bone-in beef short rib with Bibim – naengmgyun

Stone Pot Bibimbap

A bed of shredded carrots, black mushroom, kale, bean sprouts served over crispy golden-white rice topped with sauteed zucchini and fried egg in a hot stone pot and choice of squid, vegetable, or squid

Mul Naengmyeon $13.00
Stir Fry Kimchi Pork $14.00


Food Price
Green Tea Ice Cream

Creamy, sweet, and rich ice cream made from green tea and several flavored creams and milk products stirred to a smooth consistency

Mille-Feuille $8.00
Bean Ice Cream $4.00
Vanilla Red Ice Cream $4.00
Red Bean Ice Cream $4.00

Soft Drinks

Food Price
Non-Bottomless  $2.00

Hot Pot 

(One pot is big enough for two persons)

Food Price
Beef Intestine Hot PotSpecially prepared beef intestine with udon $35.00
Seafood Hot PotA choice selection of seafood $39.00

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