Burger King Whopper

The Original Burger King Whopper Review

Burger King has been at the top of the fast-food food chain for so many years, we can hardly remember a time before their flame-broiled burger menu. Always made to order, Burger King’s menu items cater to personal preference and high-quality ingredients. The Original Burger King Whopper is no exception […]

Sonic Blast Review

Now that warmer temperatures are coming back around, this is the perfect time to check out some of Sonic’s sweet treats, especially the Sonic Blasts – a delicious blend of ice cream and candy or cookie pieces with whipped cream on top. Sonic rolled out their Blasts in the winter of […]

daily double cheeseburger

McDonald’s Daily Double Cheeseburger Review

McDonald’s is always introducing different variations of similar menu items to keep things fresh and to invite their customers to try something just a little different. You might notice that the Daily Double Cheeseburger looks similar to the McDouble, with almost the same ingredients and name but with a different […]

McDonald's McFlurry

McDonald’s McFlurry Review

If you are anything like me, you stopped ordering ice cream from McDonald’s a long time ago. Not because you grew out of treating yourself but because the ice cream machines suddenly stopped “working.” For several years, attempting to order a McFlurry was like coming back to a toxic relationship […]

Wendy's Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit Review

Wendy’s Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit Review

Being a southern girl, I’m a huge fan of breakfast biscuits, especially biscuit sandwiches. Fast food and casual dining restaurants put their spin on these buttery baked delights, which makes me happy because they remind me of my grandmother’s biscuit creations when I was a kid.  There are quite a […]

Starbucks Secret Menu Twix Frappuccino Review

These times are uncertain, and we’re all learning new ways to go about our days, while we practice social distancing and solidarity for our communities. Luckily, fast food restaurants and drive-thru services have stepped up their game and are increasingly available to help us enjoy some of our favorite meals […]

The BFF of Pizza: Pizza Hut Chicken Wings Review

Like Pizza Hut pizza, its chicken wings are packed with salty, saucy flavor, so offering them together seems like a match made in savory heaven. As one of the top pizza chains, Pizza Hut knows just how to satisfy customers’ cravings, and their traditional-style chicken wings seem to hit the […]

Arby’s Three Gyros: Which is the Real Hero?

The best part about ordering a gyro is listening to how everyone pronounces it differently. Gyro looks like it sounds like “jy-roh” or “gee-roh”, but it’s pronounced “yee-roh,” like the word “hero,” but with a “y” sound in the beginning. Arby’s gives its spin on three different gyros, and while […]

Review: Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

With its roots in the deep south of Louisiana, Popeyes has been serving southern-fried chicken to its customers for nearly 50 years. Their Bonafide Chicken has been their top-selling menu item for as long as they’ve offered it. That is until Popeye’s introduced its chicken sandwich that broke the internet […]

Review: Buffalo Wild Wings Boneless Thursdays

Buffalo Wild Wings has been a favorite of mine since my college days when friends and I could eat as many wings as we could handle on a Tuesday night. I never cared what sport was playing because the goal was to score as many wings as I could eat […]

Chick Fil A Mac and Cheese

Chick-Fil-A Mac And Cheese Review

While I normally go into reviews with an open mouth and an open mind, I have to admit that I was sold on Chick-Fil-A’s Mac and Cheese before I even pulled into the parking lot. Here’s why: There are few things in life I love more than a bowl full […]