Fast Food Restaurants That Are Open Christmas Day

Christmas day approaches, and now is a good time to plan ahead for your holiday vittles and plan for what will be open Christmas day. Maybe you’ll be on the road heading toward your final Christmas destination and need assurance that you’ll be able to find something to eat, or maybe you’ve decided to dispense with the chore of cooking and plan instead to serve up restaurant fare to give your checkbook–and your dishwasher–a break.

open christmas day

However you envision your Christmas Day food situation, it’s a good idea to check in with your potential dinner sources ahead of time to be sure you won’t be stuck eating stale saltines, old pickles and whatever else happens to be lurking in the fridge and cupboards.

To make this chore a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of fast food restaurants that are–or may be–open on Christmas Day. While your options are rather limited, keep in mind that the vast majority of fast food places are open on Christmas Eve, so with a little planning ahead, you can always get your eats ahead of time and heat them up on the Big Day.

Baskin Robbins 

Baskin Robbins is closed on Christmas Day, but you can preorder an ice cream cake or festive Yule Log Roll Cake and stash it in the freezer until it’s time to dig in to dessert.

Boston Market

Boston Market restaurants’ holiday hours vary widely by location. Some are only open on Christmas Eve, while others are open during special hours on Christmas Day. Call ahead, and if they’re closed on Christmas, head over early and order your holiday meal on Christmas Eve. You can heat your choices up in the oven and pretend that you slaved over dinner all day.


Any time is Pizza time, which is why select Dominos locations are open on Christmas Day. Call ahead to be sure, and if your preferred location is closed, remember that pizzas re-heat really nicely in the oven.

Dunkin’ Donuts

Most Dunkin’ Donuts stores are open on Christmas Day, but it’s up to each individual location, so double-check, just in case.

Del Taco

If it’s Mexican fare you’re hoping for on Christmas Day, you may be in luck. Select Del Taco locations are open all day on Christmas, and yours may be one of them. Call ahead to be sure so you don’t find yourself in a lurch on the big day.


While most KFC locations are closed on Christmas Day, some may be open, depending on the location, since whether or not they close is up to each store’s management. If you’ve got your heart set on crisp fried chicken and the best mashed potatoes this side of the Mississippi, call ahead for your store’s holiday hours and pick up your order on Christmas Eve if necessary.


Participating McDonald’s stores are open on Christmas Day for your dining pleasure, so call ahead to locations in your area to determine whether you’ll be lovin’ it on Christmas.

Panda Express

Chinese takeout is a favorite holiday feast for many, and Panda Express could be your go-to for Christmas dinner. There’s no company policy in place regarding holiday hours, with the decision to remain open on Christmas left up to the general manager of each store. Call ahead to see if you’re one of the lucky ones who gets to nosh on sweet & sour chicken and egg rolls on Christmas Day.


Most Starbucks locations are open from 9 to 6 on Christmas Day, but some stores may close for the day. Call your favorite locations for their holiday hours to be sure your coffee needs will be met. If your preferred locations are closed, you can always get what you need on Christmas Eve and heat it up the next day.

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