Buffalo Wild Wings Sauces – Ranked Worst to First

Buffalo Wild Wings opened its doors in Columbus, Ohio, in 1982, and since then, the fast-food/casual-dining chain has become one of the country’s favorites. We can’t get enough of their fried foods, sports streaming on over-sized TVs, and a long list of beers. Of course, the star of the show […]

Popeyes Cajun Fries

Best French Fries – 2021 Fast Food Power Rankings

If you’ve eaten a lot of french fries in your day then you know that not all fries are created equal. And if you’ve eaten a lot of french fries, then you also know just how important they are to fast food chains everywhere. We talk about the main dishes […]

A Look at McDonald's Dollar Menu | McDonald's Dollar Menu Items | Fast Food Menu Prices.com

McDonald’s vs. Burger King

McDonald’s and Burger King have been competitors for the longest time now. People never know what place they want to go to because the menu items are very similar. These two fast food places are notoriously known for their burgers and fries. There are other items on the menu as […]

Battle of Tex-Mex Fast Food: Taco Bell vs. Chipotle

Take a quick look at the menu for Taco Bell and the menu for Chipotle and you’ll see an instant similarity, particularly with their burritos and tacos. However, despite being similar the two are radically different under the hood. To be specific, Taco Bell is significantly a healthier choice. But […]

Team Taco Casa vs Team Taco Bell

It is Taco Tuesday and you are craving for a huge serving of Mexican food, particularly soft shell tacos and cheesy quesadillas. You grab your car keys, start the engine, and head downtown in search of a fast food restaurant that can satisfy your hunger. Finally, you see the sign […]