Menchies vs. Yogurtland vs. Pinkberry

We have come to an age where people are more conscious about their health that they are more than willing to make slight changes in their lifestyle, particularly their diet and eating habits. With this “health craze”, emerges the popularity of frozen yogurt as the healthier dessert option for the sugary ice cream. Here is a comparison between three of the biggest names in the frozen yogurt industry; Menchie’s, Yogurtland and Pinkberry.

History and Growth

Menchie’s started in San Fernando Valley, CA in 2007. It offers self-serve frozen yogurt in varied flavors categorized into regular, nonfat, low-carb, no added sugar, gluten-free, vegan and dairy-free. Menchie’s has expanded to over 235 locations in the U.S., Canada, Japan and Australia.

Yogurtland was established in Irvine, CA in 2006. Yogurtland offers low-fat, nonfat, dairy-free and gluten-free yogurt. To this date, Yogurtland has already expanded to more than 300 stores located in the U.S. Mexico, Guam, Australia and Venezuela.

Pinkberry was established in Los Angeles, CA in 2005. They serve frozen yogurt style desserts in four sizes. Pinkberry currently has 100 stores mostly located in Southern California and New York City.

Frozen YogurtMenchie’s Experience

When you go to Menchie’s, you have 101 different yogurt flavors to choose form. If you want something nonfat, there are 21 options. You can get a Power Pomegranate Acai, Vanilla Snow, Sweet ‘n Tangy Peach Mango or the Cookie Dough Monster. If you want low fat, they have 24 flavors in that category. You can have a Caramel Coconut Cookie Crunch, Cocoa Minty Holiday Cookie, Mudslide Pie or the Rich ‘n Smooth Cookie Butter. If you prefer a tart yogurt, they have seven flavors. You can get The Art of Blue Raspberry Tart or The Art of green Apple Tart. If you are watching out for your blood sugar levels, you still have 7 flavors to choose from. You can get a Pecan Praline Surprise or a Midnight Chocolate Mint. If you want something low-carb you have 7 flavors to choose from. You can get Boysenberry or White Chocolate Raspberry. If you want “low-carb” and “no sugar added”, you have 11 flavors to choose from. You can get Coffee Royale, New York Cheesecake or Angel Food cake.

In summary you have a total of 101 frozen yogurt flavors to choose from. If you are watching your weight, you still have 62 flavors to choose from. If you are watching out for your blood sugar levels, you have 18 flavors to choose from. And, they have 75 choices of toppings that you can sprinkle and splash on your frozen yogurt.

Yogurtland Menu

When you go to Yogurtland you have 122 flavors of frozen yogurt to choose from. If you are a sweet tooth and craving for sweet yogurt you have 65 flavors to choose from. You can get a Salted Caramel Hazelnut Gelato, Peanut Nougat with Almond Butter and Honey or the Birthday Cupcake Batter. If you are watching your weight, you have 77 nonfat flavors to choose from. You can have a Vanilla Custard, a Mexican Hot Chocolate or a New York Cheesecake. If you are watching out for your sugar levels, you have 8 flavors to choose from. You can have a Chocolate Twilight, a Strawberry Cheesecake or a French Vanilla.

Pinkberry Menu

If you go to Pinkberry, you’ll have 50 frozen yogurt flavors to choose from. If you prefer tart yogurt flavors there are 25 flavors in this category. You can have a Pomegranate, Grapefruit, Key Lime or Green Tea. If you like sweet yogurt, there are also 25 flavors to choose from. You can get Chocolate Chip Cookie, Butter Pecan, Cinnamon Churro or Pistachio.

For toppings, Pinkberry has 28 items to choose from. For the fresh fruits section they have 5 toppings. For chocolates and candies, there are 13 choices. There are 4 nuts and cereal choices and 5 syrups.

Where should you go?

If you are looking for the most number of flavors available, you will be most pleased with Yogurtland. This yogurt company definitely has the right to include the word “land” in its trade name. Well, it could have even worked with “world” or “king” because with 122 flavors, Yogurtland has definitely dominated the other two in terms of number of choices for the customers.

If you are a weight watcher, Yogurtland is still the place to go to with 77 nonfat frozen yogurt choices.

If you are particular about you are sugar intake, Menchie’s is the place for you because they have 18 “no sugar added” options for you.

If you like sweet yogurt, something closer to the traditional ice cream that we are so used to, back to Yogurtland you go with 65 sweet yogurt options.

This presentation was limited to the strength of each yogurt bar’s menu. Other factors like warmth, hospitality and customer service cannot be considered because they vary from location to location. Whether you are having your frozen yogurt at Menchie’s, Yogurtland, Pinkberry or anywhere else, Congratulations for discovering a healthier way of life!

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