Everything About Cafe Rio

As of May this year, Café Rio Mexican Grill, or Café Rio for short, has 73 restaurants to its name. With branches in California, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, Wyoming, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Virginia, Café Rio has taken not only “invaded” the West Coast but the Southwest, East Coast, and […]

Round Table Pizza: King Arthur’s Pride And Joy?

Some restaurants have tropical islands for their theme if they serve seafood and farm or ranch scenarios if they offer steaks or dairy products. But a pizza parlor that has King Arthur and his knights for a theme? You mean Round Table Pizza, now, don’t you? That’s exactly the point […]

Everything You Should Know About Blimpie

Lean slices of pepperoni, prosciuttini, and salami plus tasty provolone cheese underneath fresh tomatoes, lettuce and white onions drizzled in a dressing of vinegar, oregano, and oil would normally be a salad. But put all those on a freshly-based gigantic bun and you have a submarine sandwich. Hey, no, that’s […]

Wingstop Restaurant: One-of-a-kind Chicken from the Wing Experts

If you’re craving for mind-blowing, heart-stopping chicken wings that taste like no other, Wingstop is the place to be. After all, it isn’t called Wingstop for nothing. A restaurant chain that has sold over two billion chicken wings, Wingstop gives exceptional value for money and makes wings like you’ve never […]

The Story Behind Oberweis

When you think of Oberweis, you think of only the best quality dairy and milk. With the mission statement of “Putting smiles on people’s faces with the best products, best people and best places,” you’re sure that every Oberweis product you consume is the best of its kind. Whether that’s […]

Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken: The Amazing Chicken Meal

The apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree because Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) founder Colonel Harland Sanders’ nephew Lee Cummings has taken chicken to another level with Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken. Cummings introduced his “Famous Recipe Chicken” in 1966, four years after KFC’s sale in 1962, in Harold’s Take […]

Krystal: Southern Food At Its Best

Coca Cola, fried green tomatoes, the Graceland mansion of Elvis Presley, chitlins, mint juleps, and pecan pie, are not the only reasons why a person goes “Down South” below the Mason-Dixon line. Krystal is also one of those reasons, where you can sample those unusual square shaped burger patties called […]

The Coolest McDonalds Happy Meal Toys in History

Nothing else can bring kids to a McDonalds restaurant than the promise of a Happy Meal toy. The McDonalds Happy Meal toys were first introduced in June of 1979 and marked a new era for McDonalds stores everywhere. These goodies that come with meals meant for kids became a favorite […]