Choosing The Healthiest Food On The Penn Station Menu

Move over, Subway menu – there’s something hotter (and quite possibly healthier) in town. Penn Station has quickly become one of the country’s favorite sandwich shops, serving east-coast-style subs at more than 300 locations. And when you think subs, you may think healthy, but the truth is – some of […]

Fast Food Beef – Who Uses Grass Fed Beef

Salty, greasy goodness – it may be the only thought that dances across your mind when you’re pulling up to the nearest McDonald’s. If you are in the mood for a burger, you likely have tunnel vision, caring about nothing outside of the first and last bite. But, if you […]

fast food fails

10 Spectacular Fast Food Fails

The Whoppers, McNuggets, and Supreme Tacos are the success stories in the fast food industry, but what about the major fails? For reasons we will never understand, powerhouses like McDonald’s and Burger King have a history of launching some of the most bizarre, nauseating menu items. And while we’re sure […]

An Overview Of The History Of KFC

The history of KFC began with that famous white beard and jolly grin. No, we’re not talking about Santa, but the one and only Colonel Harland Sanders. At the sight of his name, you probably hear his distinctive voice echo throughout your mind. But, Colonel Sanders wasn’t always a household name. […]


4 Crazy Fast Food Lawsuits That Are Beyond Frivolous

There are certainly legitimate reasons to sue a fast food restaurant, but in recent years, fast food establishments have increasingly been the target of, shall we say, frivolous – sometimes downright wacky – lawsuits. These lawsuits weren’t sparked by bodily injury but the desire to make a quick buck or […]

History of Burger King

At a glance, the history of Burger King is a tale of loss, struggle, and triumph – and ultimately, a fight to win the age-old rivalry with McDonald’s. The beloved burger joint has always gotten the short end of the stick, it seems – from bouncing from one owner to […]

Review of the Wendy's Dollar Menu | Wendy's Sign | Fast Food Menu Prices

History of Wendy’s – How It All Began

The history of Wendy’s began with the dream of one man: Dave Thomas.  Born in 1932 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, he was adopted at birth by Rex and Auleva Thomas. When Dave was 5 years old his adoptive mother died, and he spent a great deal of time with […]

Fast Food Urban Legends Skeleton

The Truth Behind Five Bizarre Fast Food Urban Legends

Urban legends have a way of sticking around for years. They can be a big drag for businesses that find themselves the subject of one of these bizarre and largely unbelievable stories. Most urban legends are concocted from thin air, but some are based in reality, if precariously so. Here’s […]

arby's three fun facts

Four Of The Best Arby’s Fun Facts

Arby’s cowboy hat is as recognizable as the twin arches, the girl with pigtails, or Colonel Sanders. This isn’t surprising, or shouldn’t be, anyway. Arby’s is the second-largest quick-service sandwich restaurant chain in the United States.   Kind of specific, but you have to be when there’s 1,000’s of places […]

Bojangles Biscuits

Bojangles: It’s All About the Biscuits

Bojangles: It’s All About the Biscuits In case you don’t have a Bojangles where you live, which is very sad indeed, you should know that this is the place to get your fill of chicken and biscuits, a decidedly Southern dish that takes the top prize for Best Comfort Food […]