Penn Station East Coast Subs – Restaurant and Catering Menu

If you like biting into full-flavored and filling subs then you will most certainly love what Penn Station East Coast Subs has to offer. This wonderful fast food restaurant offers some truly scrumptious subs that will fill you up and leave you wanting more. If you have never tried any Penn Station East Coast Subs food before then you are missing out on a lot and you really need to rectify that situation immediately.

Penn Station East Coast SubsThe History of Penn Station East Coast Subs

The origin of this fast food chain can be tracked all the way back to the very first business venture of Jeff Osterfield back in 1983. He operated a restaurant named “Jeffrey’s Delicatessen” located in a mall in Dayton Ohio. It was right there in that restaurant that the original idea of “ownership mentality” formed in the mind of the Chief Executive Officer of Penn Station Inc. Jeff saw first-hand that his presence in the store had a massive impact in the quality of customer service and sales when he was around.

Penn Station East Coast Subs He travelled to Philadelphia and other areas in the East Coast of the US to find out more about the submarine sandwich they offered in the East Coast. He was particularly enamored with the Philly cheesesteak and when he offered the sandwich in his own store it became an instant hit. He took all his innovative ideas to downtown Cincinnati and this is where he opened the very first Penn Station Restaurant. That was in 1985 and the original menu offered only 4 sandwiches that included a grilled cheesesteak plus French fries, and hand-squeezed lemonade. The sandwiches were prepared in front of the customers and the venture was a massive hit. These days Penn Station has outlets all over the country in many different states.

Their Products

With Penn Station East Coast Subs freshness is always a must! They have developed a unique line of products that really exhibit their thrust to serve only the best and freshest food to their customers. From a tiny menu back when they started in 1985 they now offer a menu that offers a vast array of scrumptious grilled East Coast style sub sandwiches, hand squeezed lemonade, and fresh hand-cut fries. They make sure the sandwiches are prepped in front of the customers so there is no doubt they are getting their food fresh. At Penn Station “it is all about good taste!” and this goes for their food, their customer service, and the very design of their restaurants.

Their Restaurant Menu

Seeing as their name features the name “subs” then you will positively drool when you see their classic subs menu. Check out some classic subs below and you will positively want to make a run for the nearest Penn Station restaurant.

Philadelphia Cheesesteak

 Penn Station East Coast Subs This is one of their best selling subs and for very good reason. It is made up of 100% USDA choice steak with provolone cheese. It doesn’t stop there because you can also add sautéed onions, banana peppers, spicy brown mustard, fresh mushrooms, pizza sauce, and mayo if you so desire. This is one sandwich that you will have a hard time saying “no” to.

Club Sandwich

 Penn Station East Coast Subs When you speak of classic sandwiches there is no way you cannot mention the all-time favorite cub sandwich. This club sandwich from Penn Station is made with oven-roasted turkey breast, smoked ham, apple-smoked bacon, Swiss cheese, mayo, honey mustard and fresh tomato slices. All that goodness is sandwiched in fresh baked bread and there is no denying its utter goodness.

Ruben Sandwich

Penn Station East Coast Subs If you like Ruben sandwiches then you will love this one from Penn Station subs. It is made with Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and slow-roasted corned beef. You may also add Thousand Island dressing for an extra jolt of flavor.

For those of you that like chicken sandwiches they also some totally delicious chicken sandwiches that you can enjoy. Check out some of them below!

Chicken Teriyaki

Penn Station East Coast Subs This delicious chicken sandwich is made from slices of juicy and healthy chicken breast with slices of Swiss cheese and teriyaki sauce. You may also opt to have sautéed onions added to your sandwich as well as some fresh mushrooms. This sandwich has that perfect blend of sweet and savory flavors that make it a crowd favorite at Penn Station.

They have these and so much more in their restaurants! Check out their offerings and you will become a true follower.

Catering Menu

If you like the taste of their food so much that you want to serve them in your parties then you should know they have a catering menu. Have a look at their catering menu below so you know what to order the next time you have a party and want to serve Penn Station food.

Party Sub Trays

Penn Station East Coast Subs These party sub trays are perfect for when you have a horde of hungry friends coming over for an informal get-together. When you order this you get 16 special fun-sized cold Deli subs. You can choose from Smoked Ham, Chicken or Tuna Salad and even Oven-roasted turkey breast. You may also make your own sandwich. These are called Dagwoods and they taste just as good as the ones you get from the stores.

Box Lunches

Have some Penn Station subs for lunch! These nifty lunch kits come with your choice of small or medium subs and you also get a serving of chips, a chocolate chunk cookie bite, and you also get a mint so you finish in style! They come in convenient stackable containers that you can easily bring with you everywhere.

When you order from the catering menu, you should also ask about their selection of chips and their fresh-baked cookies. You can also order some gallon-sized drinks so your party is just perfect and has the perfect Penn Station subs feel to it.

At Penn Station subs you get nothing but the freshest and most delicious ingredients. Many people who try it swear it is one of the best they have ever tried so give it a go!

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