Wingstop Restaurant: One-of-a-kind Chicken from the Wing Experts

If you’re craving for mind-blowing, heart-stopping chicken wings that taste like no other, Wingstop is the place to be. After all, it isn’t called Wingstop for nothing.

A restaurant chain that has sold over two billion chicken wings, Wingstop gives exceptional value for money and makes wings like you’ve never tasted before. Stepping inside any of the 600 Wingstop restaurants not only gives you superior quality wings, it would also take you back to the nostalgic feel of the 30s and 40s, what with their aviation theme and classic look. This is why dining in Wingstop is always a memorable experience, and we’re not even talking about the chicken yet.

An Idea Takes Flight

Founded in 1994 in Garland, Texas, Wingstop began with a very simple idea. It’s really just taking something very classic (buffalo-style chicken wings) and in a way reinventing it to meet the customers’ need for exceptional quality and a unique dining experience.

This idea has kept Wingstop focused on perfecting the chicken wing, and they have done just that through the years. Their main offering has remained to be their chicken wings, and they have just found ways to offer new sauces, new variants (e.g. boneless, Gliders), as well as a couple of sides and combos that spice things up a bit. But at the core of it all is the idea of the buffalo-style chicken wing, and it has taken Wingstop to where it is today.

It’s All in the Wing

WS flavorYears of perfecting chicken wings have made Wingstop the “Wing Experts.” They know exactly how to make that crispy, juicy buffalo-style chicken wing that you’ll keep coming back for, and the secret is making the chicken wings fresh as they’re ordered. They are hand sauced and tossed, so you get quality wings every single time. Here are the variants you can choose from:

• Classic Wings – the original chicken wing
• Boneless Wings – 100% white chicken meat, crispy outside and juicy inside
• Boneless Strips – 100% white chicken meat, cut into strips
• Gliders – 100% white chicken meat fillets served together with a freshly baked roll

What’s Your Flavor?

Whether you order the classic wings, you want it boneless, or you want it in a bun, you can choose from 11 distinct flavors. Wingstop is known for these 11 flavors, and they guarantee that you always get something different every time you order. Arranged from hottest to mildest, here are the flavors you can enjoy:

1. Atomic – This hotter than hot flavor will surely test your limits.
2. Cajun – Just imagine the original hot flavor of Wingstop taken just a notch further.
3. Original Hot – Try the original recipe that made Wingstop famous.
4. Chili Lime – This is a slight variation your usual hot wings, because it has that unique and fiery blend of chili with just the right zest of lime.
5. Louisiana Rub – A distinctly Southern flavor, imagine a combination of Cajun spices and garlic.
6. Mild – This is very similar to the original Wingstop hot wings flavor but it’s a whole lot more manageable.
7. Hickory Smoked BBQ – If you want that smoked barbecue kick, this is the flavor for you.
8. Lemon Pepper – Very lemony and zesty but with pepper to still keep that spicy kick.
9. Garlic Parmesan – The unique blend of garlic, cheese, and chicken will leave your taste buds craving for more.
10. Hawaiian – Sweet, tangy, and irresistible, this will make you imagine the beach and summer and everything Hawaiian.
11. Teriyaki – Another sweet variety, this is more Asian and flavorful.

Irresistible Sides

Although Wingstop is famous for its wings, they have also come up with a couple of side dishes that are equally irresistible:

• Fries – Wingstop is committed to quality, so their fries are cut fresh every single day, from Idaho potatoes. You can even season them with Lemon Pepper or Cajun, or if you prefer, get the one with Hot Cheddar Cheese.
• Veggie Sticks – A perfect complement to your chicken wings, you can get fresh celery and carrot sticks.
• Bourbon Baked Beans – A house favorite, these baked beans have that distinct rich flavor that will surely satisfy your appetite.
• Yeast Rolls – Freshly baked every day, you can have this with your Glider or have it as a side to the wings.
• Creamy coleslaw – Also made fresh, this crispy coleslaw is the ideal side to your spicy chicken.

For one, for two, or for the entire gang!

When you order your chicken wings from Wingstop, you can choose from any of their individual combos, which already come with drinks and sides. Or you can choose from any of their meals for two and family packs. You can also order online, and find the Wingstop restaurant nearest you through their website store locator. What are you waiting for? Go have the best chicken wings of your life!

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