Order the KFC Menu Specials for the Best Value for Your Money


Finger lickin’ good – so goes the proud claim of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) about its core product. With several KFC menu specials to choose from, you will find that, indeed, getting finger lickin’ good meals at affordable prices is possible! Here are a few useful tips that you can keep in mind to get more value for your money.

KFC Menu Specials

Break Down Your Chicken Choices

Most, if not all, customers come for the twice hand-breaded, pressure-fried, on-the-bone chicken with 11 spices – and you are likely doing it, too. But when you look at the menu, you may become overwhelmed at the wide selection, so breaking down your options can be a good thing.  

  • Original Recipe chicken is the classic option at KFC, which is also the most popular considering its tender and juicy meat coupled with its crunchy skin.  This is the chicken that made KFC famous around the world, thanks to its secret blend of 11 herbs and spices.  
  • Extra Crispy chicken is just as its name says – it has an extra oomph to its crispy chicken, which explains its popularity among kids.  Even adults have been known to order it by the bucket and consume it during the course of the day.  
  • Kentucky Grilled Chicken is considered as a healthier option to fried chicken, thanks to its grilling process. Instead of the 11-spice breading, the KFC grilled chicken is first marinated in a classic marinade with seasonings before being grilled – and it has the grill marks, too!  
  • Popcorn Nuggets are white meat heaven in small, yet satisfying, portions. Think of small chicken pieces packed with flavor to the last pop.  
  • Extra Crispy Tenders are tender chicken strips perfect for meals and snacks.  
  • Go Cup is a favorite among on-the-go diners since you can eat it outside of the restaurant. Choose from several options including Popcorn Nuggets, Chicken Littles, Extra Crispy Tenders, and Hot Wings.

Which one is the best? You have to decide based on your current craving and hunger level since every option provides value for your money. For example, the $5 Fill Up choices are affordable without scrimping on the delicious flavors for which KFC is known for among its loyal patrons.  

Go for the Meal Combos

For the best value for your money, you have to go for the KFC menu specials in the form of combos and buckets. This is especially true when you are with a large group – the amount of money you will spend for individual orders will be higher than the amount of money spent on combos and bucket meals.  Your choices include:  

  • Fried or grilled chicken in several sizes including 8-piece, 12-piece, 16-piece, and 20-piece buckets. With each bucket, you will get varying amounts of sides, biscuits and drinks.  You can choose from these bucket options depending on the number of people in your group as well as their appetite at the moment. For example, the 8-piece bucket may be good for 4 persons but you may want to upgrade to the 12-piece bucket in case you have people with large appetites in your group.  
  • Combos usually cover several of the items on the menu such that you can enjoy an entrée, a side dish like potato wedges, and a medium-sized drink to wash them all down.  
  • Kids’ Meals are obviously designed for the pleasure of kids with their combination of an entrée, a side dish, and an applesauce with a medium drink.  

The meal combos are often your best choices since these are complete meals in themselves at lower prices than with individual items ordered.  

$5 Fill Ups

Many good things have been said about the KFC $5 Fill Ups for good reasons. You can have a filling meal for just $5, which is as budget-friendly as it can get, not to mention that you have four options to choose from. Your choices are the famous bowl, the chicken breast, the pot pie, and the 2-piece drumstick and thigh meals, which come with other items include cookie, mashed potato, biscuit, and medium drink.

Classics Menu

Go back to the roots of KFC with the Classics, which have withstood the changing times. You should order the KFC Famous Bowl, which consists of bite-sized chunks of crispy on the outside yet juicy on the inside chicken; creamy mashed potatoes; and sweet corn.  Your next order on your subsequent visit can be the Pot Pie, a comfort food done fast-food style so you don’t have to wait for hours just to enjoy it; the pie is loaded with a delicious combo of peas, potatoes and carrots with a creamy and savory sauce topped by a flaky, golden crust.

Indeed, be prepared to lick your fingers and spoon when eating at a KFC restaurant!  The chain’s signature chicken is among the best in the world especially when paired with the sandwiches, sides, and desserts.  

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