KFC Chick N’ Share and Other Meals Perfect for the Whole Squad

KFC Chick N’ Share and Other Meals Perfect for the Whole Squad


KFC, the world’s largest chain of restaurant that produces fried chicken, has over 11,000 restaurants in over 80 countries around the world. It is said that the famous fast food restaurant uses a secret blend of about 11 spices and herbs, and the exact list is hidden in a vault at Louisville, Kentucky.


Its popularity can be linked to several different reasons. For one, it offers a diet meal that’s acceptable across different races and religions. While Hindus can’t eat beef and Muslims can’t eat pork, most people don’t have any problem with chickens.


KFC also modifies their menu to suit different audiences. In China, they serve breakfast. In India, there’s a menu that contains curry and rice. In America, spicy chicken is a favorite. However, in most of its branches, there are meals that are fit for the whole squad.


What are these KFC meals? Check the list below:


  1. KFC Chick N’ Share

Chick N’ Share


This is a KFC meal perfect for 2 or 3 people. It has a perfectly tailored bucket big enough for friends to grab a piece of chicken at the same time. It comes with popcorn chicken, 10 hot wings, 8 dip ‘em strips, and 6 pieces of original chicken.

KFC Chick N’ Share is popular among a small group of friends who want to enjoy quality KFC chicken for an affordable price.



  1. KFC Bucket FeastChick N’ Share

If you’re looking for more servings that the Chick N’ Share, then the Bucket Feast is just for you. It’s perfect for big squads with about 4 to 10 people. No longer will you need to fight over that one piece of chicken as everyone will have their fair share of KFC favorites, enough to fill their stomach.


The KFC Bucket Feast usually includes pieces of original recipe chicken, fries, salads, and gravy. This meal can make a happy squad even happier.



  1. KFC Score BucketChick N’ Share

If you’re an avid NBA fan who spends time watching the latest basketball game with your best friend, then the KFC Score Bucket is for you. It’s loaded with 2 pieces of original chicken 2 Colonel’s crispy strips, fries, popcorn chicken, dip, salad, and a drink. While it’s labeled to be the mighty bucket for one, it’s big enough to be shared with another person.



  1. KFC Bucket MealsChick N’ Share

Can’t get enough of the KFC original recipe chicken? Then, their bucket meals will surely satisfy you beyond belief. KFC offers 10 pieces to 14 pieces of chicken in a single bucket, which makes it a perfect go-to meal for squads with just about 5 to 7 members.

KFC bucket meals might just be what you’re looking for to complete you and your friends’ movie marathon and sleepover plans.



  1. KFC Boneless Box MealChick N’ Share


3 Colonel’s crispy strips, popcorn chicken, salad, fries, 2 dips, chocolate cookie, and drink—what more can your squad ask? All of your KFC favorites are in this one box meal. And it’s just big enough to feed 2 or 3 people. You and your friends can eat until you’ve fully satisfied your hunger.



  1. KFC Fill UpChick N’ Share


Who does not love KFC chicken tenders? Your squad can now enjoy them to your heart’s content with KFC Fill Up. This meal includes 12 extra crispy chicken tenders, 2 mashed potatoes, a large serving of coleslaw, and 4 cookies. The food selections are handpicked to perfectly give your group that balanced diet.




Why would you eat alone when you can enjoy a fully loaded KFC meal with your friends? With these offers, your squad can purchase fast food meals for affordable prices.


The KFC meal offers may vary from country to country, so you might want to check the KFC website in your location. Still, whether you prefer the Chick N’ Share, Bucket Meal, Score Bucket, Bucket Feast, Box Meal, Fill Up, there’s little doubt that you’ll have a fully satisfying meal.



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