Pick the KFC $5 Fill-ups For Filling Yet Affordable Meals

Starting as a strategy to gain market share over Chick Fil A, the KFC $5 Fill Up campaign was launched back in 2015. Marketed as a combo meal for the hungry, the $5 Fill Up was deemed a “huge advantage” by Business Insider, offering more food than KFC’s competitors for a lower price. Within the first several months of the promotion’s launch, KFC sales grew seven percent, making it evident that the $5 Fill Up would stick around for years to come. 

Realizing quickly that the promotion was a hit, KFC continued to push the $5 Fill Up, marketing it on television commercials and press events all over the world. During the launch of the meal deals, Colonel Sanders himself was present at a few of the events to give away $5 Fill Up gift vouchers. 

As for television commercials, KFC has continued to prioritize advertising the $5 Fill Up on TV, from specialized holiday commercials to ads starring Colonel Sanders. In one clip, he states, “I won’t give you a random bag that came out of a microwave. I guarantee to give you an actual meal with all the fixins if you guarantee to give me five bucks, of course.”

What’s in the KFC $5 Fill Up?

Pick the KFC $5 Fill-ups For Filling Yet Affordable Meals | Extra Crispy Chicken Tenders | FastFoodMenuPrices.com

KFC $5 Fill Up Extra Crispy TendersSo, which fixins wooed customers so quickly? The $5 Fill Up offers several combinations of the fried chicken joint’s best sellers from pot pies to thighs and chicken tenders. And while KFC tends to change up which combo meals are offered, their current $5 Fill Up options are detailed below.  

Drumstick & Thigh

This $5 Fill Up includes two tasty pieces of fried chicken (thigh and drumstick) with larger mashed potatoes, a cookie, a biscuit, and a medium-sized drink.

Extra Crispy™ Tenders

Try three pieces of KFC’s Extra Crispy chicken tenders, along with your choice of dipping sauce (Finger Lickin’ Good™ Sauce, Honey BBQ, Honey Mustard, Creamy Buffalo, Sweet N’ Tangy, Buttermilk Ranch). This $5 Fill Up also includes an order of larger mashed potatoes, a cookie, a biscuit, and a medium-sized drink.  

Chicken Breast

This eight-ounce crispy chicken breast comes with larger mashed potatoes, a cookie, a biscuit, and a medium-sized drink.

Pot Pie

The Colonel’s delicious pot pie is stuffed with “the world’s best chicken,” peas, carrots, and potatoes – all smothered in a savory gravy and baked in a buttery, flaky crust. This $5 Fill Up also comes with a chocolate chip cookie and a medium drink.

KFC 5 Fill Up Famous Bowl
KFC $5 Fill Up Famous Bowl

Famous Bowl

KFC’s World Famous Bowl contains a mouthwatering combination of mashed potatoes, sweet corn, and crispy chicken – all topped with homestyle gravy and shredded cheese. This über-popular $5 Fill Up also comes with a chocolate chip cookie and a medium drink.

Your choice will depend on your cravings at the moment but one thing’s for sure – you will enjoy a filling meal without emptying your pockets. 

Other KFC Promotions

You also have the choice of the $20 Family Fill Up, among the other popular KFC specials. For just $20, you and your group will get 8 pieces of crispy chicken, a large bowl of coleslaw, mashed potatoes, gravy, and biscuits. As the company says it, the $20 Family Fill Up is how unconditional love tastes.

Don’t stop with the $5 and $20 Fill Ups, though. Check out these other KFC menu deals for more finger-lickin’ goodness.

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  1. Mark Gineman says:

    I today ordered a $5 fill-up with tenders & potato wedges. The guy said they no longer had wedges, would fries be OK. Alright. He said $5.56. I said it’s supposed to be $5. He said they changed it: it’s now $5.56. ( Your website says it’s $5.00) OH, Alright. When I get to the window the girl says $5.57. I said that he said twice $5.56. She said it’s 5.57. “OK, I’ll give you the extra penny, but he said $ 5.56” In about a minute they say they’re out of fries & it’ll be 5 minutes. Would I like to pull up & wait?. I said “No’. The guy said “OK I’ll give you your money back & you can go somewhere else. He never suggested any alternatives, just go somewhere else. I said why didn’t you tell me you had no fries when I ordered & YOU SUGGESTED FRIES. He said they just ran out. I said that was poor planning on his part. Then he tried to give me $5.47. I said that’s not what I paid. Then he says $5.56. That’s not what I paid. Then he tries to hand me some ones with the change folded up inside. I had no idea what he was giving me so I said I wanted a five. He said he no fives. I said I’ll give you a five & you give me my ten back. After that he told me to GET SOME TEETH IN MY MOUTH. How rude can one be?? I do have several teeth missing. I’m old, I’ve been through radiation & chemotherapy treatments for multiple cancers and that’s one of the things can it can do to you. BUT I SHOULD’NT BE RIDICULED FOR IT!!. So I misspoke & told him “Don’t f&^% yourself”. As I was pulling away he yelled “AND DON’T EVER COME BACK”

    1. 56 or 57 cents was probably tax. Get. Alife. Quit being so petty. No wonder he told you to go somewhere else

  2. I order two 5.00 totaling 10.00 From KFC # G135373 our tax is 6% in Michigan which is only .60 cents on 10.00. Why did the charge me 5.49 each and tax again. The meal should have been. 10.60. Not 11.64.
    I asked the cashier Kariona about she said it’s tax. I look at her wonder either she can’t add or they are over charging their customers with false advertising of a 5 dollar meal. I will not but anymore food from that store

  3. Dianne Carter says:

    I ordered 5 $5 fill ups today at the Eden, NC KFC. We were charged $5.49 and then tax on top of that. If the &5 fillips prices have increased, KFC needs to change their menu prices and also on their order signs at the restaurants.

  4. Skinny Andrey from Russia says:

    It is quite crazy that they are making billions of money from everywhere of the world yet still begging for pennies. Words are not enough to explain this ridiculousness. Second, how can you be that rude ito your customer if you are in need to his/her money in order to get a wage?
    Things should not go like this.

  5. I was just going to be heading out to get me some KFC, but after reading these comments, I think I’ll just go to Arby’s. It’s closer anyway.

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