Cook-out – Make It Your Way

Now here’s a concept that very few fast food chains can pull off successfully – if your menu doesn’t have the right mix of ingredients that a customer wants, let them tell you what to blend together. Having customers decide what to put on a burger would be a nightmare for some but for Cook-out, it’s just another day at the office.

Cook-out has beautiful dining interiors and patios but its main focus is its versatile double take-out for drive-thru orders and its outdoor style of cooking. Of course another major difference is that Cook-out allows their customers to dictate what to put in their sandwiches, burgers, and others.

So what got Cook-out started? How did this revolutionary concept kick off anyway?

How Cook-out Started

The history of the business traces back all the way to 1989. Morris Reeves founded the company and opened the very first branch in Greensboro, North Carolina. Within just 9 years the company grew to have ten locations spread across the state.

cook-outThe first out of state location opened in 2010 and was in South Carolina. This started the trend of expansion and now there are locations in Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Now there are over 150 locations as of October, 2014. The company is still 100% privately owned and is even headed by Morris Reeves’ son, Jeremy Reeves, who now serves as the current CEO of the company. Morris remains as the primary owner.

While franchising is not yet a major part of the business, news outlets have leaked information regarding the CEO’s interest in opening franchising opportunities in the future.

How Cook-out Operates

Cook-out’s philosophy is very simple: the customer is always right, even when it comes to what they want on their food. There is no denying that customers will always feel a sense of pride and gratification when they have more control over what they put in their menu choices.

It’s been this tactic that has made Cook-out so successful so far. It’s not just another outdoor grill and hamburger shop – it’s an outdoor grill and hamburger shop where the customers tell the owners what their hamburger should look and taste like!

Cook-out does have an extensive menu. Their menu generally focuses on the following categories:

• Char-grilled burgers
• Hot dogs
• Chicken
• BLT (bacon, lettuce, tomato)
• Low-Carb Platters

There are a few more, including side dishes and beverages. If customers don’t find any of the choices appealing then they have the freedom to craft their own dish. Customers can choose what toppings they want, what condiments they want, and what side dishes go along with them.

Another important aspect of their menu is their selection of smoothies. There are nearly forty different choices for 100% natural smoothies. Customers can choose traditional vanilla, strawberry, or banana smoothie but the company also offers chocolate, peanut butter, lemon squeeze, Oreo mint, and more.

The Cook-out Approach

With double take-out set-ups at every location, Cook-out guarantees the fastest service possible. To ensure that customers get the finest tasting meals Cook-out avoids using frozen meat and instead chooses the freshest ingredients and then grills them “outdoor style”.

This will guarantee customers get that same taste and texture one could expect from grilling steaks and burgers at their own backyard. If you wanted a finely crisp burger or BLT but didn’t have the time, ingredients, or patience to do it on your own you can still get the very same results from Cook-out.

Cook-out doesn’t charge additional fees for condiments such as Cajun seasoning, mayonnaise, onions, mustard, and others. This allows customers to freely customize their dishes without worrying about insane extra costs.

Open for Employment

If you are interested in joining the Cook-out team, then you are in luck: the official website has its own portals for interested people to apply online. There are employment options for people hoping to join the crew department, maintenance, or for management jobs.

Since it’s all online you don’t really have to go through the hassle of a regular job application. Cook-out is also an advocate of equal opportunity so anyone can apply no matter what their gender, racial background, nationality, or religion may be.

Cook-out Stands strong

Cook-out remains one of the best new fast food businesses today. It may be new but its concept is taking the country by storm and new locations are opening just about everywhere. In a few more years it may just be as big as many other famous franchises littering the country.

The philosophy that has guided Cook-out thus far is something that separates it apart and makes it a degree better than most fast food chains today. Fresh ingredients cooked in an outdoor style and there’s the option to customize your dish as you please? That’s a win-win system right there!

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