Vegetarian Fast Food Options

If you have chosen a vegetarian diet, you know how hard it can be to find food on the go. Particularly the kind that comes out of a drive-through window.

While it takes some research and a bit of effort to make extra sure you only get plant-powered goodness on your fast food plate, we got you covered with some options. And if you’re vegan, check out these vegan options too. And don’t forget about places like Slutty Vegan.



Wendy’sVegetarian Fast Food Options | Wendy's Baked Potato | Fast Food Menu Prices is a great place for vegans looking for convenient meals that meet their diet preferences. If you love your fresh greens, you can get a salad and skip the mayonnaise or other dressings to trim down the carbs and fat. You can go for the red Italian dressing for a great flavor instead. For a heavier meal which can keep you fuller for longer, order a plain baked potato!


Taco Bell

While you may fear that everything from Taco Bell is loaded with meat, you can still enjoy their tacos by having beans instead! Simply say you want to replace the meat filling with beans and you’re good to go. You can make your meal heavier by requesting for extra veggies in your burrito. Another extra tip when dining in Taco Bell, order your burrito Fresco style so that they will place some pico de gallo instead of cheese on what you order.


Burger King

Vegetarian Fast Food Options | Burger King Veggie Burger | Fast Food Menu PricesAlthough known for having meaty burgers that are packed with the traditional burger goodness, Burger King has also adapted to the changing times by having their own offering for those who have decided to take the vegetarian diet. Their Veggie Burger is the best option you have for when you decide to grab a burger from Burger King. Match it with some fries and water or fruit juice and you’re good to go with a healthy vegan meal!



If you’re a fan of the Chipotle menu, you’re in luck because they have their veggie fajita and burritos which has onions and fresh grilled peppers to satisfy your veggie cravings. What’s great is that this veggie option along with the other ones is also cheaper than the ones filled with meat! When you order these from Chipotle, you even get free guacamole!


Little Caesars

You can enjoy their $5 Hot and Ready Pizza with just plain cheese or order some of their vegetarian cheese-less pizza if you prefer. You’ll discover that the pizza dough made by Little Caesars is vegetarian-friendly and this is something that other pizza chains do not offer.



Vegetarian Fast Food Options | Burger King Veggie Burger | Fast Food Menu Prices
Although they have a lot of meat-filled subs which are sure to make your mouth water, Subway is one of the places you would want to check out for vegetarian fast food options. Choose their Veggie Delight which is cheap at just $5 for a foot-long sub. To make your order even better you can choose Italian bread and reduce calories by not having mayo or cheese on it.


Carl’s Jr.

There are fast food places who fry their vegan dishes in the same oil they use for frying meat but according to PETA, Carl’s Jr. is a place where vegetarians can rest assured that what they are ordering is fried in a different vat. Their hash brown nuggets, French fries, CrissCuts, English muffins, and breadsticks are all safe for you!



If you enjoy Mexican food, try out the Mexican Gumbo from Qdoba. Enjoy the combination of beans, tortilla soup, cilantro-lime rice, tortilla strips, veggies, and beans. While tortilla soup is usually made from some chicken stock, this entry from Qdoba is surprisingly one of the vegetarian fast food options you have.


Dairy QueenVegetarian Fast Food Options | Dairy Queen Slushie | Fast Food Menu Prices

While “dairy” may scare you off, you can try their dairy-free slushies or see their vegan ice cream bar which they call Star Kiss at some selected locations.


Location-Specific Vegetarian Fast Food Options

The names previously mentioned above are those for fast food places that are spread across the country. If you would like to try out some new and not-so-common vegan fast food options, here are some of the places you can go.


Hip City Veg in Philadelphia

They have products which are served fresh, fast, and with a guarantee that they are all 100% plant-based. They have salads, sweet potato fries which are actually healthier than regular French fries, and sandwiches to curb your appetite the vegan way.


Evolution Fast Food in San Diego

Enjoy vegan burgers, fries, and organic shakes and juices from this hip vegan destination.


Elevation Burger

This burger chain may be something you see around more often. They have veggie burgers which taste more like traditional burgers and others which have the more vegetable-like taste.

Remember to skip on the toppings such as cheese, mayo, and dressings when you head out to make the meal you order healthier. You can also just drink water or fruit juices for a more refreshing but healthier approach!


If you keep these menu items in mind, you wouldn’t have to feel denied of great food when you go outside. Next time you head out, order these items and have a satisfying meal which you know stays within your vegetarian limitations! For even more, check out these articles too!

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