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Toppers Pizza is one of the fastest growing pizza chain restaurants in the United States. Toppers Pizza prices can be a little higher than the large national pizza chains, but you will love the variety of pizzas they have there.

In addition to serving pizzas, Toppers Pizza also has their signature Topperstix, which are essentially bread sticks. But they’re not necessarily just regular bread sticks. They come in a few different flavors such as bacon, pepperoni, taco, and chocolate.

Below are the latest Toppers Pizza menu prices.

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Build your Own Za (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)MyZa$6.99
Build your Own Za (TallBoy Crust)MyZa$7.99
Build your Own Za (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Medium$10.99
Build your Own Za (TallBoy Crust)Medium$11.99
Build your Own Za (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Large$12.99
Build your Own Za (TallBoy Crust)Large$13.99
Build your Own Za (Hand Tossed Crust)Party$14.99
Meat Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)MyZa$8.99
Meat Topper (TallBoy Crust)MaZa$9.99
Meat Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Medium$14.99
Meat Topper (TallBoy Crust)Medium$15.99
Meat Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Large$17.99
Meat Topper (TallBoy Crust)Large$18.99
Meat Topper (Hand Tossed Crust)Party$19.99
Buffalo Chicken (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)MyZa$8.99
Buffalo Chicken (TallBoy Crust)MyZa$9.99
Buffalo Chicken (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Medium14.99
Buffalo Chicken (TallBoy Crust)Medium$15.99
Buffalo Chicken (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Large$17.99
Buffalo Chicken (TallBoy Crust)Large$18.99
Buffalo Chicken (Hand Tossed Crust)Party$19.99
Toppers Classic (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)MyZa$8.99
Toppers Classic (TallBoy Crust)MyZa$9.99
Toppers Classic (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Medium$14.99
Toppers Classic (TallBoy Crust)Medium$15.99
Toppers Classic (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Large$17.99
Toppers Classic (TallBoy Crust)Large$18.99
Toppers Classic (Hand Tossed Crust)Party$19.99
Loaded Tot-zza (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)MyZa$8.99
Loaded Tot-zza (TallBoy Crust)MyZa$9.99
Loaded Tot-zza (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Medium$14.99
Loaded Tot-zza (TallBoy Crust)Medium$15.99
Loaded Tot-zza (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Large$17.99
Loaded Tot-zza (TallBoy Crust)Large$18.99
Loaded Tot-zza (Hand Tossed Crust)Party$19.99
Mac ‘n Cheese (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)MyZa$8.99
Mac ‘n Cheese (TallBoy Crust)MyZa$9.99
Mac ‘n Cheese (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Medium$14.99
Mac ‘n Cheese (TallBoy Crust)Medium$15.99
Mac ‘n Cheese (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Large$17.99
Mac ‘n Cheese (TallBoy Crust)Large$18.99
Mac ‘n Cheese (Hand Tossed Crust)Party$19.99
Old School Sausage & Pepperoni (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)MyZa$8.99
Old School Sausage & Pepperoni (TallBoy Crust)MyZa$9.99
Old School Sausage & Pepperoni (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Medium$14.99
Old School Sausage & Pepperoni (TallBoy Crust)Medium$15.99
Old School Sausage & Pepperoni (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Large$17.99
Old School Sausage & Pepperoni (TallBoy Crust)Large$18.99
Old School Sausage & Pepperoni (Hand Tossed Crust)Party$19.99
Taco Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)MyZa$8.99
Taco Topper (TallBoy Crust)MyZa$9.99
Taco Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Medium$14.99
Taco Topper (TallBoy Crust)Medium$15.99
Taco Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Large$17.99
Taco Topper (TallBoy Crust)Large$18.99
Taco Topper (Hand Tossed Crust)Party$19.99
Big Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)MyZa$8.99
Big Topper (TallBoy Crust)MyZa$9.99
Big Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Medium$14.99
Big Topper (TallBoy Crust)Medium$15.99
Big Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Large$17.99
Big Topper (TallBoy Crust)Large$18.99
Big Topper (Hand Tossed Crust)Party$19.99
Three Little Pigs (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)MyZa$8.99
Three Little Pigs (TallBoy Crust)MyZa$9.99
Three Little Pigs (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Medium$14.99
Three Little Pigs (TallBoy Crust)Medium$15.99
Three Little Pigs (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Large$17.99
Three Little Pigs (TallBoy Crust)Large$18.99
Three Little Pigs (Hand Tossed Crust)Party$19.99
Smoky BBQ Chicken (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)MyZa$8.99
Smoky BBQ Chicken (TallBoy Crust)MyZa$9.99
Smoky BBQ Chicken (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Medium$14.99
Smoky BBQ Chicken (TallBoy Crust)Medium$15.99
Smoky BBQ Chicken (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Large$17.99
Smoky BBQ Chicken (TallBoy Crust)Large$18.99
Smoky BBQ Chicken (Hand Tossed Crust)Party$19.99
Maui Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)MyZa$8.99
Maui Topper (TallBoy Crust)MyZa$9.99
Maui Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Medium$14.99
Maui Topper (TallBoy Crust)Medium$15.99
Maui Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Large$17.99
Maui Topper (TallBoy Crust)Large$18.99
Maui Topper (Hand Tossed Crust)Party$19.99
Cool C-B-R (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)MyZa$8.99
Cool C-B-R (TallBoy Crust)MyZa$9.99
Cool C-B-R (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Medium$14.99
Cool C-B-R (TallBoy Crust)Medium$15.99
Cool C-B-R (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Large$17.99
Cool C-B-R (TallBoy Crust)Large$18.99
Cool C-B-R (Hand Tossed Crust)Party$19.99
Veggie Classic (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)MyZa$8.99
Veggie Classic (TallBoy Crust)MyZa$9.99
Veggie Classic (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Medium$14.99
Veggie Classic (TallBoy Crust)Medium$15.99
Veggie Classic (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Large$17.99
Veggie Classic (TallBoy Crust)Large$18.99
Veggie Classic (Hand Tossed Crust)Party$19.99
Chicken Tuscano Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)MyZa$8.99
Chicken Tuscano Topper (TallBoy Crust)MyZa$9.99
Chicken Tuscano Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Medium$14.99
Chicken Tuscano Topper (TallBoy Crust)Medium$15.99
Chicken Tuscano Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Large$17.99
Chicken Tuscano Topper (TallBoy Crust)Large$18.99
Chicken Tuscano Topper (Hand Tossed Crust)Party$19.99
El Cubano (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)MyZa$8.99
El Cubano (TallBoy Crust)MyZa$9.99
El Cubano (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Medium$14.99
El Cubano (TallBoy Crust)Medium$15.99
El Cubano (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Large$17.99
El Cubano (TallBoy Crust)Large$18.99
El Cubano (Hand Tossed Crust)Party$19.99
California Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)MyZa$8.99
California Topper (TallBoy Crust)MyZa$9.99
California Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Medium$14.99
California Topper (TallBoy Crust)Medium$15.99
California Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Large$17.99
California Topper (TallBoy Crust)Large$18.99
California Topper (Hand Tossed Crust)Party$19.99


Original Topperstix or CinnamonstixSingle$6.99
Original Topperstix or CinnamonstixTriple$11.99
Baconstix, Pepperonistix, Tacostix or Chocolate BaconstixSingle$7.99
Baconstix, Cheese Garlicstix, Pepperonistix, Tacostix or Chocolate BaconstixTriple$12.99


Flavors: Oven Roasted, Mild Buffalo, Hot Buffalo, Smoky BBQ Buffalo, Sweet Chili Buffalo or Parmesan Garlic Buffalo Wings

Wings10 Pc.$9.99
Wings15 Pc.$13.99
Wings25 Pc.$19.99

Boneless Wings

Flavors: Oven Roasted, Mild, Hot, Smoky BBQ, Sweet Chili or Parmesan Garlic Boneless Wings

Boneless Wings1/2 lb.$9.99
Boneless Wings1 lb.$13.99
Boneless Wings1 1/2 lb.$19.99


Dasani Water20 oz. Bottle$2.04
Soft Drink20 oz. Bottle$1.99
Soft Drink2 Liter Bottle$2.99

Dippin’ Sauces

Flavors: Nacho Cheese, Ranch, Smoky BBQ, Chipotle Ranch, Garlic Butter, Salsa, Sour Cream, Sweet Chili, Bleu Cheese, Hot Buffalo, Mild Buffalo, Marinara, Bacon Honey Mustard, Parmesan Garlic, Chocolate Frosting or Vanilla Frosting

Dippin’ Sauce$0.79

Toppers Pizza was founded in 1991 in Champaign, Illinois, by Scott Gittrich, who was previously a director of operations for over 22 Domino’s Pizza locations. Today, there are over 50 locations of Toppers Pizza in 10 states.

If you love pizza and you love trying new pizza, then you should give Toppers Pizza a shot. Although Toppers Pizza prices might be a little higher than average, it is well worth it to try something new.

To learn more about Toppers Pizza, visit their official company website.

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