Sweet Frog Prices

Sweet Frog (also known as sweetFrog Premium Frozen Yogurt) is a frozen yogurt shop chain specializing in frozen yogurts. Like many other frozen yogurt shops, Sweet Frog prices are based on an ounce of weight. Customers have the choice of filling their cups with as much frozen yogurt as they no matter which flavors.

There are five main categories of flavors at Sweet Frog including Nonfat, Low Fat, Supreme, No Sugar Added, and Sorbet Flavors. In addition, they also have many toppings to choose from such as fruits, nuts, sauces, chocolate chips, and different candies.

Below are the latest Sweet Frog menu prices.

Food Size Price

Nonfat Flavors

Alpine Vanilla 1 oz. $0.45
Angel Food Cake 1 oz. $0.45
Apple Pie 1 oz. $0.45
Cable Car Chocolate 1 oz. $0.45
Classic Chocolate 1 oz. $0.45
Coffee House Blend 1 oz. $0.45
Cookies n Cream 1 oz. $0.45
Country Vanilla 1 oz. $0.45
Creamy Mint Cookie 1 oz. $0.45
Egg Nog 1 oz. $0.45
Fancy French Vanilla 1 oz. $0.45
French Toast 1 oz. $0.45
Georgia Peach 1 oz. $0.45
Graham Cracker 1 oz. $0.45
Greek Black Cherry 1 oz. $0.45
Greek Lemon 1 oz. $0.45
Huckleberry 1 oz. $0.45
Irish Mint 1 oz. $0.45
Island Banana 1 oz. $0.45
Luscious Lemon 1 oz. $0.45
Maple Bacon Donut 1 oz. $0.45
Mountain Blackberry 1 oz. $0.45
New York Cheesecake 1 oz. $0.45
Orchard Cherry 1 oz. $0.45
Outrageous Orange 1 oz. $0.45
Pecan Praline 1 oz. $0.45
Peppermint 1 oz. $0.45
Pistachio 1 oz. $0.45
Pomegranate Raspberry Tart 1 oz. $0.45
Pumpkin Pie 1 oz. $0.45
Root Beer Float 1 oz. $0.45
Snickerdoodle 1 oz. $0.45
Toasted Marshmallow 1 oz. $0.45
Tropical Tart 1 oz. $0.45
Very Raspberry 1 oz. $0.45
Very Strawberry 1 oz. $0.45
White Chocolate Mousse 1 oz. $0.45
Wild Berry Tart 1 oz. $0.45

Low Fat Flavors

Birthday Cake 1 oz. $0.45
Blue Cotton Candy 1 oz. $0.45
Cappuccino 1 oz. $0.45
Chocolate Caramel Turtle 1 oz. $0.45
Cinnamon Roll 1 oz. $0.45
Dulce De Leche 1 oz. $0.45
Dutch Chocolate 1 oz. $0.45
Fudge Brownie Batter 1 oz. $0.45
Mango 1 oz. $0.45
Milk Chocolate 1 oz. $0.45
Ooohlala Orange 1 oz. $0.45
Original Tart 1 oz. $0.45
Pineapple 1 oz. $0.45
Red Velvet 1 oz. $0.45
Salted Caramel Corn 1 oz. $0.45
Strawberry 1 oz. $0.45
Sweet Coconut 1 oz. $0.45
Toffee 1 oz. $0.45
White Vanilla 1 oz. $0.45

Supreme Flavors

Biscotti Gelato 1 oz. $0.45
Caramel Sea Salt Gelato 1 oz. $0.45
Chocolate Hazelnut 1 oz. $0.45
Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato 1 oz. $0.45
Peanut Butter 1 oz. $0.45
Tuscan Tiramisu Gelato 1 oz. $0.45

No Sugar Added Flavors

No Sugar Added Blueberry 1 oz. $0.45
No Sugar Added Cake Batter 1 oz. $0.45
No Sugar Added Cheesecake 1 oz. $0.45
No Sugar Added Chocolate 1 oz. $0.45
No Sugar Added Coffee 1 oz. $0.45
No Sugar Added Mint 1 oz. $0.45
No Sugar Added Praline 1 oz. $0.45
No Sugar Added Raspberry 1 oz. $0.45
No Sugar Added Strawberry 1 oz. $0.45
No Sugar Added Strawberry Banana 1 oz. $0.45
No Sugar Added Vanilla 1 oz. $0.45

Sorbet Flavors

Chocolate Fudge 1 oz. $0.45
Green Apple 1 oz. $0.45
Key Lime 1 oz. $0.45
Orange Blast 1 oz. $0.45
Pink Lemonade 1 oz. $0.45
Pomegranate Raspberry 1 oz. $0.45
Strawberry Kiwi 1 oz. $0.45
Strawberry Lemonade 1 oz. $0.45
Very Berry 1 oz. $0.45
Watermelon 1 oz. $0.45

Sweet Frog was founded in 2009 in Richmond, Virginia, by Derek Cha. The business quickly expanded and today there are over 300 shops in United States, Dominican Republic, United Kingdom, and South Korea.

Although you can choose any flavors of frozen yogurt as well as any toppings to put on it, you have to keep in mind the more things you choose, the heavier your cup will be, and thus, the higher the price you will pay. Sweet Frog prices can be low or high depending on the weight of your cup.

To learn more about Sweet Frog or to find a location near you, visit their official website.

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  1. Wonder accept food stamp

  2. My husband and I decided to support small businesses in Freddys for a Virginia… I can tell you my car was barely full and I had the smallest cup my husband always fills his and it was nowhere near 4 pounds… At a rate of $.45 per pound for some reason it rang up $16 and 50 Cent for those two cops that is crazy so I need to question what the hell I did not know until I got in the car. We drove up the road towards our house my husband said do you want me to turn around I said no I’ll never go back. For all of you that just say oh well it’s an outing and it’s good ….Seriously dude you better start doing the math because by not doing the math you’re paying double of what the rates really are goodbye sweet frog I’m going to giant I can make my own at home or yogurt maker and feed the neighborhood and what they charge me this is ridiculous it doesn’t even taste that good and the flavors are so sparse you never get what you want no more and I had eight people with me won’t be returning and that’s 8×324 people won’t be returning for overpriced crap

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