Project Pie Prices

Project Pie is a fast casual restaurant chain specializing in personal-sized pizzas that are made to order right in front of the customer. Project Pie prices are hard to compare to traditional pizza chains because they only come in one size, however, the pricing is fairly similar.

The way ordering works at Project Pie is simple. The customer goes down the line and selects which toppings and ingredients he or she desires on their pizza. The Project Pie employee adds those toppings and then the pizza is baked at the end of the line. Although the concept is not new in the fast casual industry, it is still pretty fresh within the pizza industry.

Below are the latest Project Pie menu prices.

Food Size Price


Classic Cheese Pie $7.00
Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Crumbled Meatballs, Mozzarella, Out Signature Red Sauce, Garlic $8.50
Tomato, Artichoke, Red Onion, Pesto, Feta, Mozzarella $8.50
Sliced Tomatoes, Fresh Chopped Basil, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Garlic $8.50
Mozzarella, Ricotta, Gorgonzola, Parmesan, Cracked Black Pepper, Olive Oil, Garlic, Fresh Chopped Basil $8.50
Grilled Chicken, Sliced Red Onion, Cilantro, Mozzarella, Gorgonzola, BBQ Sauce $8.50
Prosciutto, Caramelized Onions, Mozzarella, Parmesan $8.50
Mozzarella, Prosciutto, Red Onion, Brussels Sprouts, Parmesan, Olive Oil $8.50
Build Your Own $8.50

Other Good Stuff

Nutella & Banana $4.50
Cinnamon Sugar Twists $4.00
Parmesan & Garlic Twists $4.00
Boylan’s Soda with Free Refills $2.00
Bottled Water $1.50


Chicken Caesar Small $4.50
Chicken Caesar Large $8.50
Kale Salad Small $4.50
Kale Salad Large $8.50
Pizza Salad Regular Crust $8.50
Pizza Salad Gluten-Free Crust $9.50
Spinach Salad Small $4.50
Spinach Salad Large $8.50
Build Your Own Salad Small $4.50
Build Your Own Salad Large $8.50

Project Pie was founded by James Markham in 2012. He is also the founder of other two similar pizza chains, MOD Pizza and Pieology. According to Markham, Project Pie is his best work yet and he promises the food quality, vibe, design, and experience will be the best at Project Pie.

If you love pizza (and who doesn’t really) and you want to try something new, you should give Project Pie a try. It is a great and fun new way to order your pizza and eat it without waiting 30 minutes for it to be baked. Project Pie prices are similar to what you’re probably already paying for your pizzas so it shouldn’t cost you any more money.

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