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Oberweis, or Oberweis Dairy, is a dairy company that’s famous for its rich quality milk. In addition to having home delivery service of its milk, they also have more than 50 restaurant locations which serve dairy products. Oberweis prices may shock you at first, but the moment you taste their milk or ice cream, you will change your mind quickly.

In addition to having milk and ice cream, Oberweis also sells smoothies, coffee, shakes, malts, and sundaes. You get what you pay for and that’s especially true with Oberweis.

Below are the latest Oberweis menu prices.

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Frostbites & Smoothies



Frozen Coffee (Caramel, Vanilla, Mocha & Regular)Regular$3.99
Frozen Coffee (Caramel, Vanilla, Mocha & Regular)Large$4.99
Hot Coffee – Americano$1.39
Hot Coffee – Latte or Cappuccino$3.19
Hot Coffee – Mocha$3.49
Hot Coffee – Ultimate Latte$4.19


Lemonade, Iced Tea, Fruit Punch & Summer Blend

Sweet Drink On IceRegular$0.89
Sweet Drink On IceLarge$1.29

Shakes & Malts

Banana, Caramel, Chocolate, Pineapple, Strawberry, Vanilla, Peanut Butter or Any Ice Cream Flavor

Shakes or MaltsRegular$5.29
Shakes or MaltsLarge$6.99

Ice Cream

Vanilla Soft ServeKids$0.99
Vanilla Soft ServeSmall$1.69
Vanilla Soft ServeLarge$3.49
Chocolate YogurtKids$0.99
Chocolate YogurtSmall$1.69
Chocolate YogurtLarge$3.49
French Vanilla YogurtKids$0.99
French Vanilla YogurtSmall$1.69
French Vanilla YogurtLarge$3.49

Waffle Cones & Bowls

Dipped & Nuts$1.59


Toppings: Caramel, Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Pineapple & Strawberry

Banana Royal$7.29
Turtle CandyRegular$4.99
Turtle CandyLarge$6.69
Peanut ButterRegular$5.69
Peanut ButterLarge$7.39
Hot FudgeRegular$4.39
Hot FudgeLarge$6.09
Fudge BrownieRegular$6.49
Fudge BrownieLarge$8.19
Old FashionedRegular$4.29
Old FashionedLarge$5.99

Oberweis was founded in 1927 near Aurora, Illinois, by Peter J. Oberweis. The business quickly gained success due to their home delivery milk services.

Oberweis has pledged not to ever sell milk that comes from cows that were treated with bovine growth hormones. Their cows are also never fed food containing animal protein. Due to all these quality controls in place, Oberweis prices can be on the higher end. But at the end of the day, if you want quality and healthy milk, it might just be worth to fork over a bit more money.

For more information about Oberweis, visit their website.


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