Nothing Bundt Cakes Prices

Nothing Bundt Cakes is a chain of cake shops specializing in bundt cakes. Nothing Bundt Cakes prices are a great deal considering some of their cakes can serve upwards of 30 people so your entire party might only need just one bigger bundt cake.

In addition to having 8 and 10 inch bundt cakes, they also have Tiered Bundt Cakes, which are cakes that have the 10 inch cake at the bottom, and an 8 inch cake at the top. The menu also includes small personal-sized bundt cakes called Bundtlets, stacked Bundlets called Bundtlet Towers, and bite-sized bundt cakes called Bundtinis.

Below are the latest Nothing Bundt Cakes prices.

Food Size Price

8 Inch Bundt Cakes

Serves 8 – 10

Frosted in a Bakery Box 8″ $18.50
Decorated 8″ $29.50

10 Inch Bundt Cakes

Serves 18 – 20

Frosted in a Bakery Box 10″ $28.50
Decorated 10″ $39.50

Tiered Bundt Cakes

Serves 26 – 30

8″ Cake Over 10″ Cake $65.00


Personal-sized bundt cakes. Gluten-free flavor also available.

Individual 1 Pc. $3.99
Bundtlet Bundle Box 12 Pc. $45.00

Bundtlet Towers

Wrapped bundtlet towers (gift packaging)

Bundtlet Towers 1 Pc. $5.99
Bundtlet Towers 2 Pc. $9.98
Bundtlet Towers 3 Pc. $13.97


Bite-sized bundt cakes

Bundtinis 12 Pc. $18.50

Nothing Bundt Cakes was founded in 1997 by Dena Tripp and Debbie Shwetz when they realized the world was simply missing readily available delicious cakes that didn’t compromise on ingredients. The cakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes use fresh eggs, real butter, and real cream cheese.

No matter what the occasion, if you need a cake, Nothing Bundt Cakes has you covered as long as you are a fan of bundt cakes. If you have a sweet tooth and just want to satisfy your cravings, you can also get a 1 piece individual Bundtlet. Nothing Bundt Cakes prices range anywhere from a few dollars for an individual cake to over $50 for bigger party-sized cakes.

To learn more about Nothing Bundt Cakes or to find a location near you, visit their official website.

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  1. I saw one of your individual cakes at my granddaughters graduation. Was so impressed. Would like to order for special occasions here. Where can I find a listing of sizes and flavors. Do they freeze well?

  2. Their bundt cakes will serve 30 people if each person is served a sliver of cake. About a couple tablespoons worth. Just make your own 10″ bundt for about 10 bucks. I do it all the time. Tastes as good if not better because I know it isn’t yesterday’s left overs being sold as morning fresh the next day – LOL .

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