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Today we’re going to talk about the Burger King value menu. Almost all fast food restaurants offer a value menu these days, but it shouldn’t be confused with a dollar menu.

Recently, we wrote about the McDonald’s dollar menu, and while it is comparable to the Burger King’s value menu, all items are one dollar. On the Burger King’s value menu, items will range from one dollar up to $1.59.


BK Bacon Burger – $1.00

Burger King BK Bacon BurgerThe BK Bacon Burger is a small burger with big taste. It consists of a fire-grilled beef patty, mayonnaise, ketchup, sliced white onions, and naturally smoked thick-cut bacon on a toasted sesame seed bun.

Now it sounds like many other burgers out there, but BK Bacon Burger is only 320 calories. That is pretty incredible considering the burger has mayonnaise, which tends to be heavy in calories.

The BK Bacon Burger can be yours for only one dollar.

BK Stacker – $1.29

Burger King BK StackerThe BK Stacker is almost as impressive as the BK Bacon Burger. It is made of the same fire-grilled beef patty, this time with one slice of melted American cheese, thick cut hardwood smoked bacon, the super secret BK Stacker sauce, and all of this inside a toasted bun.

Just like the BK Bacon Burger, the BK Stacker is not too bad on calories either. It stands at 370 calories, which is slightly more than the BK Bacon Burger.

The BK Stacker is a little more expense as well, at $1.29.

Double Cheeseburger – $1.49

Burger King Double CheeseburgerYou guys are going to love this one! It is the Double Cheeseburger from Burger King and it is awesome. It has two fire-grilled beef patties for extra meat lovers, a slice of melted American cheese, cut pickles, mustard, and ketchup on a toasted sesame seed bun.

You would think it would be at least 500 calories, right? Wrong! It is actually no more than the BK Stacker, at 370 calories. It is very impressive for a double patty burger.

All of this can be yours for the price of $1.49.

Chick’n Crisp – $1.00

Burger King Chick'n CrispWe can’t end the burgers section without any chicken. So the next item on the Burger King value menu is the Chick’n Crisp sandwich. It is a simple chicken sandwich with a chicken patty, chopped lettuce, mayonnaise, and a toasted sesame seed bun.

As it is fried, it ends up being 470 calories. So although it is very inexpensive at $1.00, you will end up paying with calories ingested.


French Fries (Value Size) – $1.19

Burger King French FriesOk, first thing’s first. Burger King’s fries will most likely never be as tasty as McDonald’s fries so there’s no reason to compare the two anymore. Having said that, Burger King’s fries still hold their own pretty well.

The fries are very salted, golden, and crispy. They also tend to be thicker than the competition’s fries, which could be good or bad depending on your preference. The value-sized fries are 240 calories so that’s the size you should choose.

Value size French Fries from Burger King is only $1.19.

Onion Rings (Value Size) – $1.19

Burger King Onion RingsNow, this next item will highly depend on whether you like onions or not. I personally am not fond of onions so I couldn’t care less if they were giving them away for free. But for all you onion lovers out there, this is a great deal.

The value size onion rings are only 150 calories and cost $1.19. That’s pretty low caloric content for fried onions and the price is not too shabby either.

Side Salad (Garden or Caesar) – $1.59

Burger King Side SaladThe side salad from Burger King is about what you would expect at this price. It has seven different lettuce leaves, juicy tomatoes, croutons, three-cheese mixture, and your choice of KEN’S salad dressing.

The salad alone will be only 40 calories, however, if you add Caesar dressing, it will jump to over 100 calories. The price of the side salad is only $1.59 so it won’t break your wallet.

Chicken Nuggets (4 Pc.) – $1.09

Burger King Chicken NuggetsJust as with French fries, the chicken nuggets from Burger King are tasty, but not on par with McNuggets from McDonald’s. Burger King has changed the chicken nuggets recipe so many times and I think this time they have a pretty good competitor.

The 4 piece chicken nuggets will be 190 calories, so it’s not too bad if it’s a side meal. They only cost $1.09, which is slightly more than one quarter per nugget.


Sundae – $1.49

Burger King SundaesThe sundaes from Burger King are very tasty and full of flavor. As an example, the strawberry sundae is made of the vanilla soft serve ice cream with creamy strawberry swirl.

The strawberry sundae ends up being 190 calories; the caramel and chocolate fudge variations are 280.

Each of the three variations of sundaes can be yours for $1.49, which is a pretty good price for a sundae.

Soft Serve (Cup or Cone) – $1.00

Burger King Soft ServeThe vanilla soft serve can be yours in either a cup or a cone. The cone is more fun and exciting, but if you can’t eat it right away, then it’s better to get a cup so that it doesn’t melt all over your hands.

The soft serve is 160 calories, which is quite average for ice cream. It is priced at one dollar so it is very competitive with the rest of the fast food industry.

Apple Slices – $1.49

Burger King Apple SlicesWe’ve saved the best for last! The natural, fresh-cup Apple Slices. They are only 30 calories and will only run you $1.49. Although you can just cut up a fresh apple at home for a cheaper price tag, sometimes it is more convenient to just stop by BK to satisfy your apple cravings.

This is probably the best side option you can choose from Burger King, so keep that in mind next time you go there.


You’ve just read about many interesting and exciting meals on the Burger King value menu. While you might have known about some of these before, this can serve as your guide to the Burger King value menu in the future.

Did you enjoy reading this article?  Let us know your thoughts and any suggestions you might have.

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