KFC Triple Down – What Is It and How Do You Order One?

When it comes to shock value, The KFC Double Down is up there with their right up their with their donut sandwich. Both concoctions feature ungodly ingredients – one with two fried chicken patties that serve as buns, and the other with two donuts holding together the innards of the sandwich. But, what if I told you these weren’t the worst (or best?) of KFC’s creations? The KFC Secret Menu takes absurd to a whole new level with the not double, but Triple Down.

If you’ve been around here long enough, you know secret menu items aren’t always easy to obtain. Some items like KFC’s Hot Pocket Bowl are nearly impossible to get ahold of, while others are so well known that they might as well be on the regular menu. But don’t worry – we’ll help you navigate Here’s everything we know about this beast of a sandwich and how to get your hands on one.

KFC Double Down
Photo by Mike Mozart under license CC BY 2.0 – Double Down Pictured

How to Order the Triple Down

As you might imagine, the Triple Down is just a bigger version of  the Double Down. Instead of sandwiching two pieces of fried chicken together, the Triple Down stacks three pieces, with layers of cheese and bacon on the inside. Some variations include “Colonel’s Special Sauce,” too. You can order it by name – most employees will know exactly what it is because of how similar it is to the legacy Double Down. If they don’t, just tell them it’s a Double Down with three pieces of fried chicken instead of two. For a slightly healthier option, you can ask for grilled chicken instead of fried, or a combination of the two.

KFC Nashville Hot Chicken and Waffles

Where is the KFC Secret Menu?

If you’re interested in the Triple Down, you’re probably curious about the rest of KFC’s Secret Menu, too. While there have been rumors that you can access the list of underground items on the KFC app by holding down the Colonel Sanders image at checkout, but that’s far from the truth. To uncover everything that’s on the list, check out our KFC Secret Menu page.

What happened to the KFC Double Down?

The Double Down has been on and off the KFC menu for a while. It’s still discontinued as of now, but there’s certainly a chance the fast food chain will bring it back one day. However, you can always attempt to order it from your local restaurant even if it’s not being advertised. Just like the Triple Down, KFC should have all the ingredients to whip up a Double Down at any time because they use those same ingredients for other dishes.

The Triple Down may very well be the least healthy fast food item we’ve ever seen, but if you try one, we want to be the first to know! And for a less outrageous option, check out what’s on KFC’s new Chicken Sandwich.

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