Dunkin Face Masks

How To Get A Dunkin’ Donuts Face Mask

It’s becoming easier and easier to get your hands on face masks amid the coronavirus pandemic, and now, you can stay protected and support your favorite donut shop at the same time. Dunkin’ has just announced they will be selling branded face masks for customers to purchase on the online […]

Popeyes Menu Prices

How To Get A Free Popeyes Chicken Sandwich This Week

Popeyes and Doordash have joined forces to collaborate on the latest delivery deal – a free Popeyes Chicken Sandwich combo with a $20 purchase or more. People who wish to take advantage of this offer by Popeyes and Doordash should act at once, because this promotion will only be up […]

Choosing The Healthiest Food On The Penn Station Menu

Move over, Subway menu – there’s something hotter (and quite possibly healthier) in town. Penn Station has quickly become one of the country’s favorite sandwich shops, serving east-coast-style subs at more than 300 locations. And when you think subs, you may think healthy, but the truth is – some of […]

22 Restaurants Where You Can Score Free Fast Food

We probably don’t need to ask you if you like free food (seriously, who doesn’t?). The problem with loving and wanting free fast food is … actually getting it. But don’t worry, we have a few options for you to score free items from your favorite fast food chains. Most […]

Where to Get the Best Vegan Fast Food Items

The fast-food industry wasn’t built for vegans – that’s no shocker. The hamburger empires we all know and love were, instead, made for the masses – the everyday person without time to worry about what’s in their food. But the vegan? Not so much. However, there’s been a shift in […]

Birmingham's top food delivery apps rated | Delivery Apps | FastFoodMenuPrices.com

9 Ways To Get Food Delivered To You In 2022

The restaurant delivery scene has exploded over the past few years and has finally expanded into the fast food industry. Now, all of the top fast food joints – from Chipotle to McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Popeyes – are partnered with centralized delivery services to bring the meal of your choice right to your […]


Fast Food Hacks to Make Your Meal Even Better

The fast-food industry has us duped – it’s the hard truth. From serving soggy, day-old fries to overcharging on so-called signature entrees, their convenience is our demise. But not anymore; it’s time we take a stand, demanding exactly what we want from our favorite menus. So sit back, relax, and […]

Pick the KFC $5 Fill-ups For Filling Yet Affordable Meals

Starting as a strategy to gain market share over Chick Fil A, the KFC $5 Fill Up campaign was launched back in 2015. Marketed as a combo meal for the hungry, the $5 Fill Up was deemed a “huge advantage” by Business Insider, offering more food than KFC’s competitors for a lower […]