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Which Fast Food Chain Gives You the Most Bang for Your Buck

You work hard for your money and each time you pull your wallet out for almost anything, there is that thought that goes “Is this worth its price?” There are times when products are more expensive mostly because of their brand. But in the case of food, this shouldn’t be […]

How To Make a Delicious Thanksgiving Feast With Fast Food

Thanksgiving’s around the corner, and you have no plans, no guest list, and no desire to cook. Don’t give in to the societal pressure to create a fancy, five-course meal. Opt for a Thanksgiving fast food feast instead, making it easy to piece together a sumptuous supper without dirtying every pot […]

Summer Fast Food Drinks

Cool Down with These Refreshing Summer Fast Food Drinks

   Love it or hate it, summertime is in full swing. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration expects temperatures in most of the US to be well above average in 2017. Stay cool this sweltering season with trips through the drive-thru for these icy cold summer fast food drinks to […]

best tuna fish sandwich recipe

The Only Tuna Fish Sandwich Recipe You’ll Ever Need

Since there’s not a lot of tuna fish action at the local drive-thru, it’s all on you to produce the goods when you have a hankering for a good, old-fashioned tuna fish sandwich. But don’t even think about slopping a soggy glop of tuna onto some Wonder Bread and noshing […]

cheap eats in nyc

Quick and Cheap Eats In NYC

  In the city that never sleeps, there’s nothing that you can’t experience, especially in terms of culinary indulgence and great deals. If you’re new in New York, and you simply want to start exploring some good, cheap eats in NYC, the following food havens are something that can satisfy […]

Top 10 Sumptuous Buffets in Las Vegas

  Las Vegas, the haven of casinos, showgirls, and dazzling sights and sounds, also boasts glorious food selections served by the best buffet places. There’s nothing to worry about going out from the casino late at night as there are dozens of buffets still available with a wide array of […]

Top Mouth-Watering Pizza Hut Toppings

Top Mouth-Watering Pizza Hut Toppings   Imagine Pizza Hut’s sauces, drizzles, crusts and topping combinations. Have you tried all it has to offer? Well, if you haven’t, do not miss taking a food trip and try the plethora of mouth-watering pizza toppings of this renowned shop.   Here the top […]

10 Ways to Save Money in Fast Food Restaurants

10 Ways to Save Money in Fast Food Restaurants   When people eat in fast food restaurants, they usually tend to eat quickly and a lot. Without realizing it, you probably have already spent more money than you intend to. If you want to save but still enjoy your food, […]

Fast Food Happy Hour

How Happy is a Fast Food Happy Hour?

For adults, happy hour has a rather boozy connotation, and usually this refers to the early evening hour at a bar featuring certain discounted drinks. But every now and then there’s also a happy hour for certain fast food restaurants. These are times when certain food items and beverages are […]

Best Fast Food Breakfast Choices

If you’re the kind of person that has time to make their breakfast in the morning – kudos to you. Nothing beats the sound of sizzling bacon or the pop of the toaster signaling that your bagel has been toasted to perfection. But for those of us who have to […]