Cosi Menu & Prices 2021

Cosi is a fast casual restaurant chain from Boston known for its homemade flatbread. Cosi prices are similar to that of other sandwich-based fast casual restaurants.

In addition to offering their famous flatbread, Cosi also has various breakfast items such as wraps, sandwiches, squagels, and oatmeal. For lunch or dinner, you can get many different kinds of sandwiches, melts, salads, soups, and bowls.

If you’re thirsty, they also have cold, hot and espresso beverages for whatever mood you are in.

Below are the latest Cosi menu prices.

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Santa Fe Wrap$3.69
Steak & Egg Wrap$3.79
Spinach Florentine Wrap$3.49
Signature Squagels$1.19
Cream Cheese Squagel8 oz.$2.59
Squagel Baker’s Dozen13 Pc.$8.99
Sausage & Pepper Frittata Sandwich$3.59
Western Croissant Sandwich$3.79
Cosi Club Squagel$3.59
T.B.M. Squagel$3.59
Make Your Own Omelette Sandwich – Croissant$3.89
Make Your Own Omelette Sandwich – Squagel$3.59
Ancient Grain OatmealRegular$3.39
Ancient Grain OatmealLarge$3.69
Chia Shots (Guava, Cappuccino or Nutella)$2.29
Break Bar$2.19
Harvest Mix$1.99
Yogurt Parfait (Strawberry or Banana Foster)$2.99
Greek Yogurt Parfait with Mandarin & Mango$2.99
Fruit Salad$2.99
Pico de Gallo Egg WhiteCup$3.49
Florentine Egg WhiteCup$3.49


Served with Così® Chips or Baby Carrots

Chicken T.B.M.Half$5.99
Chicken T.B.M.Whole$7.99
Cosi ClubHalf$5.89
Cosi ClubWhole$7.79
Buffalo BleuHalf$5.89
Buffalo BleuWhole$7.79
Turkey & BrieHalf$5.89
Turkey & BrieWhole$7.79
Tuscan Pesto ChickenHalf$5.99
Tuscan Pesto ChickenWhole$7.99
Turkey LightHalf$4.59
Turkey LightWhole$6.29
Turkey AvocadoHalf$5.99
Turkey AvocadoWhole$7.99
Hummus & VeggiesHalf$5.09
Hummus & VeggiesWhole$6.79
Pork Belly Banh MiHalf$7.19
Pork Belly Banh MiWhole$8.99


Served with Così® Chips or Baby Carrots

Chicken T.B.M. MeltHalf$6.29
Chicken T.B.M. MeltWhole$8.29
Bacon Turkey & Cheddar MeltHalf$6.39
Bacon Turkey & Cheddar MeltWhole$8.29
Pesto Chicken MeltHalf$6.19
Pesto Chicken MeltWhole$8.19
Tuna MeltHalf$5.99
Tuna MeltWhole$7.99
T.B.M MeltHalf$5.69
T.B.M MeltWhole$7.49
Steakhouse Gorgonzola MeltHalf$6.59
Steakhouse Gorgonzola MeltWhole$8.79


Smart Fit SaladHalf$6.59
Smart Fit SaladWhole$8.69
Signature SaladHalf$6.29
Signature SaladWhole$8.39
Chicken CaesarHalf$6.29
Chicken CaesarWhole$8.29
Cosi CobbHalf$6.59
Cosi CobbWhole$8.79
Shanghai ChickenHalf$6.39
Shanghai ChickenWhole$8.49
Greek SaladHalf$5.89
Greek SaladWhole$7.79
Asian Salmon SaladHalf$7.19
Asian Salmon SaladWhole$9.49
Adobo Lime Chicken SaladHalf$6.39
Adobo Lime Chicken SaladWhole$8.49
Caesar SaladHalf$5.49
Caesar SaladWhole$7.29


Chicken NoodleRegular$4.59
Chicken NoodleLarge$5.59
Tomato BasilRegular$4.59
Tomato BasilLarge$5.59
Turkey ChiliRegular$4.59
Turkey ChiliLarge$5.59
Italian Wedding SoupRegular$4.59
Italian Wedding SoupLarge$5.59

Flatbread Pizza

Chicken MargheritaRegular$7.99
Chicken MargheritaLarge$13.99
Traditional CheeseRegular$6.99
Traditional CheeseLarge$9.99
Smoky BBQ ChickenRegular$7.99
Smoky BBQ ChickenLarge$13.99


Adobo Chicken with AvocadoBowl$8.99
Thai Curry with ChickenBowl$8.79
Thai Curry with TofuBowl$8.79
Brazilian SteakBowl$9.29
Caribbean Chicken and Spaghetti SquashBowl$8.99
Macaroni & CheeseRegular$5.59
Macaroni & CheeseLarge$6.99

Kids Menu

Meals include Side, Drink & Chocolate Chip Cookie

Gooey Grilled Cheese$4.99
Gooey Ham & Cheese$4.99
Cheese Flatbread Pizza$4.99
Pepperoni Flatbread Pizza$4.99
Kids Peanut Butter & Jelly$4.99
Kids Turkey Sandwich$4.99
Kids Tuna Sandwich$4.99

Cold Beverages

Soft DrinkBottle$1.99
Snapple (Lemon, Diet Lemon, Diet Peach, Diet Raspberry)Bottle$2.39
Polar Frost or PelligrinoBottle$2.39
Cosi or Raspberry Iced Tea$2.29
Cosi, Mojito or Raspberry Mojito Lemonade$2.29
Iced Signature CoffeeMedium$2.19
Iced Signature CoffeeLarge$2.39
Orange Juice$2.19

Hot Beverages

Xando Blend Coffee (Regular or Decaf)Medium$2.19
Xando Blend Coffee (Regular or Decaf)Large$2.39
Hot Tea$2.19
Hot Chocolate$3.19
Shot in the DarkMedium$2.49
Shot in the DarkLarge$2.69

Espresso Beverages

Cappuccino or LatteMedium$3.69
Cappuccino or LatteLarge$3.99
Caffe MochaMedium$4.19
Caffe MochaLarge$4.39
Caffe AmericanoMedium$2.19
Caffe AmericanoLarge$2.59
Caramel LatteMedium$4.09
Caramel LatteLarge$4.39

Desserts and Snacks

Break Bar$2.19
Harvest Mix$1.99
Pound Cake (Marble or Iced Lemon)$2.49
Cookie (Oatmeal Raisin, Black & White, or Chocolate Chunk)$1.99
Yogurt Parfait$2.99
Hardboiled Eggs2 Pc.$1.89
Chocolate Chunk Brownie or Blondie$2.59
Fruit Salad$2.99
Potato Chips or Baby Carrots$1.19


Bread (Original or Multi-grain)Slice$0.99
Bread (Original or Multi-grain)Loaf$3.49

Cosi was founded in 1996 in New York City, New York, and was originally designed based on a small cafe from Paris, France. Today, there are over 100 locations of Cosi restaurants in the United States, Costa Rica, and United Arab Emitates.

If you’re hungry and don’t have a lot of money, don’t worry. You can still probably afford to eat there. Cosi prices are not too high and you can usually get half a sandwich for around $5.

To learn more about Cosi or to place your order online, visit their official website.

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