Blimpie Menu With Prices

Blimpie is a fast food restaurant chain specializing in sub sandwiches. Blimpie prices are similar to other sub sandwich restaurants, and their menu is not much different either.

The restaurant mainly offers sub sandwiches, however, they also have other limited options such as salads and wraps. Blimpie is known to have soft and fresh bread, which their customers love.

Below are the latest Blimpie menu prices.

Food Size Price

Deli Subs

BLIMPIE Best Regular $5.29
BLIMPIE Best Large $7.49
Turkey & Provolone Regular $5.29
Turkey & Provolone Large $7.49
The Club Regular $5.29
The Club Large $7.49
Ham & Swiss Regular $5.29
Ham & Swiss Large $7.49
Roast Beef & Provolone Regular $5.29
Roast Beef & Provolone Large $7.49
Tuna Regular $5.29
Tuna Large $7.49
BLT Regular $5.29
BLT Large $7.49

Deli Subs Combos

Includes Regular Drink & Chips or Cookie

BLIMPIE Best Combo Regular $7.49
BLIMPIE Best Combo Large $9.69
Turkey & Provolone Combo Regular $7.49
Turkey & Provolone Combo Large $9.69
The Club Combo Regular $7.49
The Club Combo Large $9.69
Ham & Swiss Combo Regular $7.49
Ham & Swiss Combo Large $9.69
Roast Beef & Provolone Combo Regular $7.49
Roast Beef & Provolone Combo Large $9.69
Tuna Combo Regular $7.49
Tuna Combo Large $9.69
BLT Combo Regular $7.49
BLT Combo Large $9.69


Southwestern $6.49
Buffalo Chicken $6.49
Chicken Caesar $6.49

Wraps Combos

Includes Regular Drink & Chips or Cookie

Southwestern Combo $8.69
Buffalo Chicken Combo $8.69
Chicken Caesar Combo $8.69

Hot Subs

Meatball Parmigiana Regular $5.79
Meatball Parmigiana Large $9.99
Philly Cheese Steak Regular $5.79
Philly Cheese Steak Large $9.99
Chicken Cheddar Bacon Ranch Regular $5.79
Chicken Cheddar Bacon Ranch Large $9.99
VegiMax Regular $5.79
VegiMax Large $9.99

Hot Subs Combos

Includes Regular Drink & Chips or Cookie

Meatball Parmigiana Combo Regular $7.99
Meatball Parmigiana Combo Large $12.19
Philly Cheese Steak Combo Regular $7.99
Philly Cheese Steak Combo Large $10.99
Chicken Cheddar Bacon Ranch Combo Regular $7.99
Chicken Cheddar Bacon Ranch Combo Large $12.19
VegiMax Combo Regular $7.99
VegiMax Combo Large $12.19

Panini Grilled Subs

Sicilian Regular $6.49
Sicilian Large $11.99
Turkey, Bacon & Cheddar Regular $5.99
Turkey, Bacon & Cheddar Large $10.99
Ultimate Club Regular $6.49
Ultimate Club Large $11.99
Beef, Turkey & Cheddar Regular $5.99
Beef, Turkey & Cheddar Large $10.99
Buffalo Chicken Regular $6.49
Buffalo Chicken Large $11.99
Pastrami Regular $5.99
Pastrami Large $10.99

Panini Grilled Subs Combos

Includes Regular Drink & Chips or Cookie

Sicilian Combo Regular $8.69
Sicilian Combo Large $14.19
Turkey, Bacon & Cheddar Combo Regular $6.99
Turkey, Bacon & Cheddar Combo Large $11.99
Ultimate Club Combo Regular $8.69
Ultimate Club Combo Large $12.99
Beef, Turkey & Cheddar Combo Regular $8.19
Beef, Turkey & Cheddar Combo Large $13.19
Buffalo Chicken Combo Regular $8.69
Buffalo Chicken Combo Large $14.19
Pastrami Combo Regular $8.19
Pastrami Combo Large $13.19


Grilled Chicken Caesar $7.99
Ultimate Club $7.99

Salads Combos

Includes Regular Drink & Chips or Cookie

Grilled Chicken Caesar Combo $10.19
Ultimate Club Combo $10.19

Kids Meals

Includes Kids Sub, Side & Drink

Turkey & Cheese $5.49
Ham & Cheese $5.49
Tuna $5.49

Drinks & Sides

Soda Regular $1.79
Soda Large $2.19
Bottled Water $1.59
Chips $1.29
Cookie $0.69


Super Stacked $1.99
Add Bacon $1.99
Extra Cheese $0.60


Hoboken Hero Regular $6.99
Turkey Italian Regular $6.99

Blimpie was founded in 1964 in Hoboken, New Jersey, by Angelo Bandassare, Tony Conza, and Peter DeCarlo. They were former high school classmates and they thought that a sub shop would do well in their town.

They predicted it well. Today, Blimpie has over 600 locations. Unlike its competitors, most Blimpie restaurants are located inside malls, gas station food marts, office complexes, and hospitals.

For more information about Blimpie, visit their official website.

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    I need to know the price of 25 lunch boxes that include; chips or cookie and soda for an upcoming brunch
    5 tuna
    7 turkey & Cheese
    7 BB
    6 turkey & Ham

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