Subway UK Menu With Prices

Subway opened its first location in the United Kingdom 1996 in Brighton. Now, they have more than 1,700 Subway UK locations (including Ireland) and are continuing to expand.

Subway UK serves menu items like Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread, Signature Loaded Wraps, Pizza Subs, and Salads. They also have a Subway Savers menu that offers customers deals and discounts on their favorite subs, as well as a kids menu called Kids’ Pak.

Customers can order off the Subway UK menu online for delivery or pickup, as well.

Check out the latest and most up-to-date Subway UK Prices below.

Food Size Price

Subway Subs

Meatball Marinara 6-Inch £3.59
Meatball Marinara Footlong £6.47
Italian B.M.T 6-Inch £3.59
Italian B.M.T Footlong £5.99
Spicy Italian 6-Inch £3.59
Spicy Italian Footlong £5.39
Chipolte Southwest Cheese Steak 6-Inch £3.99
Chipolte Southwest Cheese Steak Footlong £5.99
Cheese Steak 6-Inch £3.99
Cheese Steak Footlong £5.99
Subway Melt 6-Inch £3.99
Subway Melt Footlong £7.87
Chicken & Bacon Ranch 6-Inch £4.49
Chicken & Bacon Ranch Footlong £7.37
Extra Cheese 6-Inch £0.30
Extra Cheese Footlong £0.60
Bacon 6-Inch £0.69
Bacon Footlong £1.20
Double Meat 6-Inch £1.20
Double Meat Footlong £2.40
Pizza Pepperoni 6-Inch £3.99
Pizza Pepperoni Footlong £5.99
Veggie Patty 6-Inch £2.60
Veggie Patty Footlong £7.07
Ham 6-Inch £3.59
Ham Footlong £5.39
Turkey Breast 6-Inch £3.59
Turkey Breast Footlong £5.39
Cold Cut Combo 6-Inch £2.99
Cold Cut Combo Footlong £4.49
Tuna 6-Inch £2.99
Tuna Footlong £6.80


Veggie Delite £4.30
Grilled Chicken & Baby Spinach £5.49
Subway Club £4.99
Tuna £3.99


Giant Subs £9.99
Sandwich Platters £29.99


Chicken & Bacon Ranch £4.09
Turkey Breast And Bacon Melt £3.99
Tuna £3.89


Ham £1.99
Tuna £1.99
Turkey Breast £1.99
Roast Beef £1.89
Chips £0.89


Drinks Small £1.30
Drinks Medium £1.60
Drinks Large £2.40

To learn more about Subway UK, check out their website.

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