Pizza Hut UK Menu Prices

Pizza Hut first opened in the United Kingdom in 1973 in Islington, London. It started off as a dine-in restaurant, but with growing demand, they began to offer delivery from many of their locations in 1988. When Pizza Hut came to the UK, the franchise spread rapidly. According to their website, they were “opening an average of one restaurant each week in the UK.”

They serve indiviudal and large pizzas, from Meat Lovers to classics like Double Pepperoni, Chicken Supreme, and Hawaiian. Pizza Hut UK also sells salads, pasta, wings, and cheesy bread.

Check out the most recent and up-to-date Pizza Hut UK menu prices below.

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The Classics

Double Pepperoni
Veggie Spinach,cherry, TomatoesIndividual£8.75
Veggie Spinach,cherry, TomatoesLarge£15.95
Margherita Mozzarella cheeseIndividual£7.65
Margherita Mozzarella cheeseLarge£12.95
Chicken SupremeIndividual£9.95
Chicken SupremeLarge£16.95

Meat Lovers

Meat FeastIndividual£9.95
Meat FeastLarge£16.95
BBQ AmericanoIndividual£10.65
BBQ AmericanoLarge£17.45
Pepperoni FeastIndividual£9.85
Pepperoni FeastLarge£16.45
BBQ Canjun ChickenIndividual£10.35
BBQ Canjun ChickenLarge£17.25
Texas Meat MeltdownIndividual£11.45
Texas Meat MeltdownLarge£18.25

Hot And Spicy

Blazin InfernoIndividual£10.65
Blazin InfernoLarge£17.45
Veggie Hot oneIndividual£9.85
Veggie Hot oneLarge£16.45
Cajun SizzlerIndividual£17.95
Cajun SizzlerLarge£17.95


Heavenly VegIndividual£11.45
Heavenly VegLarge£17.95
New York Deli (New)Individual£11.45
New York Deli (New)Large£17.95
King of the CoastIndividual£11.95
King of the CoastLarge£18.65

Classic Sides

Seasoned Potato Wedges £3.45

Premium Sides

Bacon Garlic Bread£3.95
Cheesy Garlic Bread £3.95
Baked Cheesy Triangles£4.45
Texan BBQ Chicken Wings£4.85

Salad & Pasta

Salmon Pasta Bake£9.45
Chicken Herby Pasta Bake£9.65
Roasted Vegetable Pasta£8.95


Pepsi Max/Pepsi/Pepsi Diet/7UP Free
Stella Artois£3.85
Peroni Nastro Azzurro£4.25
Magner Cider£4.15
Corona with Lime£4.35
Kopparberg Mixed Fruit£4.45
House Malbec£4.99
Orange or Apple Juice£1.99
Unlimited Fizzy Drinks£2.66
Spring water£2.10
Hot Chocolate£2.25
Cafe Latte£2.45
Strawberry Milkshake£3.25
Toffee Milkshake£3.25


Ice Cream Factory£3.15
White Chocolate & Raspberry Cookie Dough£4.65
Sharing Cooking Dough£7.65
Banoffee Cookie Dough£4.65
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough£4.65

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