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Steak ‘N Shake’s Half-Price Happy Hour is a staple to the fast-food industry. From slashing their milkshake prices in half to serving kids meals for free, its no wonder the line is wrapped around the building. The burger joint is one place that does not make its happy hours top-secret like others do (we’re looking at you Starbucks). Instead, they typically advertise it boldly on signs in front of the store or on the drive-through menu. And while we can’t tell you exactly what will be offered at your local outlet, we’ve got all the details about the fast-food chain’s typical daily happy hours and late-night specials below.

Keep in mind, happy hour deals and specials are subject to change and my vary by location.

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Steak ‘N Shake Happy Hour 2020

Steak N Shake Happy Hour MilkshakesThe main happy hour deal at Steak ‘N Shake is half-price shakes and drinks – no coupons necessary. All you have to do is visit a participating restaurant Happy Hour to get access to the deals. Special pricing will be adjusted at checkout.

At select locations, kids eat free during Happy Hour as well. Kids meals include the Steakburger, Corn Dogs, Chicken Bites, Grilled Cheese, Mac and Cheese, Hot Dog, Silver Dollar Pancakes, Chocolate Chip Pancakes, and Egg, Bacon or Sausage, and Toast. Kids’ lunch and dinner meals come with applesauce or fries. They also serve kids-sized drinks, classic milkshakes, and specialty milkshakes.

Happy hour prices are generally available when you dine-in and go through the drivethough, as well as order online for pickup. To find out if your nearest location is hosting happy hour, add the mobile Steak ‘N Steak app to your phone and sign in with your email address. Then, search for a Steak ‘N Shake restaurant with your zip code or city and state.

You can also follow them on Twitter to keep an eye out for nationwide announcements.

What time is Steak ‘N Shake happy hour?

Steak N Shake Happy Hour DealsSteak ‘N Shake hosts two daily happy hours at participating locations. One is from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., and the other is from 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. for locations that are open 24/7. The deals are typically the same for both happy hours – half-price drinks and shakes.

How much are Steak ‘N Shake milkshakes?

On a regular day, milkshakes at Steak ‘N Shake are $3.99 for a Classic and $3.69 to $4.99 for Specialty shakes. If you visit a participating Steak ‘N Shake during Half-Price Happy Hour, you can expect to pay half of the original price.

Classic flavors include Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, and Banana. Specialty shakes on the menu are Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Oreo Cookies ‘N Cream, Oreo Mint Cookies ‘N Cream, Nestle Butterfinger, Kit Kat, M & Ms, Nutella, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Prices may vary by location.

What are the $4 meals at Steak ‘N Shake?

Steak ‘N Shake is also known for their popular $4 promo, where customers can order a combo meal at a lower price. Currently, the fast food restaurant is offering the $4 Double Steakburger and Milkshake special. The burger includes lettuce, sliced tomato, onions, and pickles along with two burger patties and a melted slice of cheese. The milkshake flavors included in the $4 promo are vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. You can also add French fries for $1 to this menu deal.

How do I get my free shake from Steak ‘N Shake?

The easiest way to get a free shake at Steak ‘N Shake is by downloading their mobile app. Once you download it and create an account with your email address and password, you will get access to your free shake coupon. You can also use it to access other deals and promotions.

Kids Eat Free

Need another reason to eat out? Steak ‘N Shake offers free kids meals every Saturday and Sunday. You just have to spent at least $9 on a meal, and then your child gets to eat for free!


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