How to Order the Sonic Frito Pie from the Secret Menu

If you’ve heard of the Frito Pie, chances are you live in the south or you’re a Sonic super fan. This interesting dish used to be on the main menu and has since been discontinued. Back in 2018, the Fritos Chili Pie was added to the menu alongside the Fritos Chili Cheese Jr. Wrap and Fritos Chili Cheese Jr. Burger. And while the other two dishes have fallen off everyone’s radar, customers still want a piece of the Frito pie, which is how it landed itself a permanent spot on the Sonic Secret Menu.

As you might be imagining, the Frito Pie isn’t a dessert, but a salty, savory snack made with classic Fritos, chili, and melted cheddar cheese. It doesn’t look anything like a slice of pie – more of a pile of snacks thrown together. But nonetheless, it tastes delicious.

Sonic Frito Pie
Sonic Frito Pie

How To Order a Sonic Frito Pie

You may be wondering how it’s possible to order the Frito Chili Pie after it was pulled from the main menu. Depending on which specials Sonic is offering and what time of year, you can still get the secret menu dish when the restaurant has all of the ingredients in stock. As you may have noticed, the fast food chain partners with Fritos quite often to create new menu items, so as long as they have the chips in stock, making a Frito Pie will be easy as…well, pie. The only other two ingredients are always in stock at Sonic because they use the cheese and chili on top of their hot dogs.

To order this bad boy, you can ask for it by name, but not all Sonic employees will know what it is. If you want to take the safer route, just ask for Fritos topped with chili and cheese.


Back when the Frito Pie was on the official Sonic menu, it was just a dollar – or 99 cents if you want to get technical. That was back in 2018, so there’s no guarantee you’ll still get it for the same price, but it shouldn’t be much more than that if you order today.


Calories – 750

Carbs – 54g

Fat – 50g

Protein – 20g

The Frito Pie is one of many peculiar secret menu items at Sonic. From the Purple Sprite to the Extreme Tots to the Pink Lady, there’s something everyone can enjoy. Check out the complete Sonic Secret Menu for the full list of items and how to order them.

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