Old Chicago Menu Prices

Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom is an American restaurant that first opened its doors in Boulder, Colorado. As of recently, the company has become franchised, and there are more than 100 Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom restaurants in the United States. The restaurants’ opening hours are from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., but this can vary by location.

Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom serves a variety of meals, but what’s popular on their menu are beers and a number of different pizzas. Customers can dine with them and taste beers that are locally brewed or imported internationally.

The restaurant not only offers indoor dining, but there is also a seating area outdoors where customers can enjoy and bring their pets along. 

Old Chicago Nutrition

Here’s a look at the latest Old Chicago menu prices.

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Food SizePrice


Sicilian Pepperoni Rolls$7.99
Melted Mozzarella Bruschetta$5.99
Anaheim Pepper Spikes$6.49
Chi-Town Trio$10.79
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks$6.99
Classic Chicken Wings$4.99 - $8.89
Jalapeno Cheese Pretzels$5.29
Chicago Works$19.09
Artichoke Dip$8.09
Cheese Garlic Bread$4.99
Dippin Dough$3.99
Italian Nachos$8.79
Zucchini Fritti$7.19
Chicken Tenders - Original Or Buffalo$8.39
Nachos Grande$8.69

Soups And Salads

Old Chicago Chopped Salad$10.29
Asian Chicken Salad$9.79
Mediterranean Salad With Chicken$10.29
Classic Chicken Caesar Salad$9.59
Harvest Salad With Roasted Chicken$9.99
Crispy Chicken Salad$9.69
Old Chicago's Famous House Salad$3.79
Side Caesar$3.79
A Cup Of Soup$3.79


Chicago 7 Stromboli$8.89
Italian Sausage Stromboli$8.89
Chicken Wrap$8.59
Stacked Turkey & Bacon Club$8.89
Classic Italian Melt$8.99
California Chicken$8.99


BBQ Bacon Cheddar$8.99
Tillamook Cheddar$8.49
Peppercorn Bleu$8.99
Pepper Jack Turkey$8.49


Oh My Spaghetti Pie$10.99
Traditional Lasagna$10.99
Chicken Mac N Cheese$10.29
Big Chicago Meatball & Spaghetti$10.19
Chicken Alfredo$10.99

Create Your Own Pizza

Chicago Thick - Cheese$8.79 - $14.79
Chicago Thick - Topping$1.00 - $2.30
Tavern Thick - Cheese$7.69 - $13.49
Tavern Thin - Topping$1.00 - $2.00

Specialty Pizzas - Chicago Thick Crust

Chicago 7$10.39 - $21.89
Applewood-Spiced BBQ Chicken$10.49 - $22.99
Hawaiian$10.29 - $20.19
The Classic$10.29 - $20.19
Meat Me$10.49 - $22.99
Double Deckeroni$10.29 - $20.19
Tuscan Chicken With Spinach$10.49 - $22.99
Royal Margherita$10.09 - $18.89

Specialty Pizzas - Tavern Thin Crust

Chicago 7$10.29 - $19.59
Applewood-Spiced BBQ Chicken$10.69 - $21.49
Meat Me$10.69 - $21.49
Double Deckeroni$10.29 - $20.19
Hawaiian$10.29 - $19.49
Tuscan Chicken With Spinach$10.69 - $21.49
The Classic$10.29 - $19.49
Royal Margherita$9.69 - $18.29


Fish & Chips$11.29
Crispy Chicken Tenders - Original Or Buffalo$10.19


Chicago 7$9.99
Meat Me$9.99
Build Your Own Calzone$9.89
Italian Sausage & Spinach$9.99
The Classic$9.99

Small Plates

Mediterranean Salad$3.89
Fried Mac N Cheese$3.69
Fried Spicy Pickles$2.29


The Big Cookie$2.99 - $4.99
Molten Chocolate Cake$4.99
Homemade Cheesecake With Fresh Berries$5.49

Kids Menu

Pizza With Pow$4.59
Mighty Cheeseburger$4.59
Super Ghetti$4.59
Power Chicken Salad$4.59
Your Zone Calzone$4.59
Arch-Rival Alfredo$4.59
Cheesy Chicken Sandwich$4.59
Champion Chicken$4.59
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese$4.59
Scooper Duper Sundae$0.99

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